April 16, 2014

When Mama Bear is Sick

When Leigh was sick last week, life went on in her household. But just barely.

It’s never good when anyone is sick, but when mama bear is sick then things really get out of whack. Is it that way in your house?

I was sick with a virus last week, and life certainly carried on without me, but there are some things that only I know when it comes to our daily routine and schedule.  It’s the little things that are in my head, and not written down for anyone else to follow, if for some reason Mama Bear can’t fulfill her duties.

For instance, I don’t have it written down that I put a snack in my son’s backpack and refill his water bottle every school morning.  I just do it.

I also was the only one in the house that knew my daughter’s preschool day was extended on this particular day, but I was too sick to remember it. I had written “preschool til 12:45” on my paper calendar on my desk.  If it had been a normal day, I would have seen that reminder as I got on my computer to start the day.  My husband had no way of knowing.

The school gave her goldfish, and she survived, but it is just an example of the little bumps in the road that can occur when Mama Bear is sick in a household.

Will was on deadline on the day that I was my sickest, and I just couldn’t get out of bed. He needed to be at work, so he just took over my school pickup duties and brought each child back home, and then he went back to work.  The children did their own thing in the house while I stayed in bed.  

Occasionally, my daughter would come into my bedroom and put another stuffed animal in bed with me.  It was her way of checking on me.  My oldest child saw my being in bed as free rein to watch whatever he wanted on television, so I never saw him again once Will brought him home from school.

At one point in the late afternoon, I heard the refrigerator door open. I heard what sounded like a fork clanking against a glass. The noise continued for a while, and I kept thinking, “that sound can’t be good.”

You all know from past columns that we have a pantry issue with our youngest child. I continued to hear clanking glass. I was too sick to get out of bed, so I yelled in a weak voice, “What are you doing?”

I heard more clanking, then a little voice responded, “Nothing. I’m just eating pickles.”

“OK. Be careful,” I responded as I rolled over and shut my eyes again.

Mama Bear may be sick, but at least I know Baby Bear can take care of herself as long as we have food in the fridge.

On this particular day, independence was welcomed. The fridge was hers.

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