Important Notice to Moms

06/04/2014 12:01 AM

02/15/2015 11:24 AM

Summer is upon us, and I found out something this week that I must tell you about right NOW.

It’s really important. It cannot wait.

We’ve got a busy summer ahead with our kids out of school. They will be with us all day, and not only will they make lots of noise, they will expect to be fed and entertained.

We will be working non-stop.

You will be dropping them off to camps, and running errands every day. You may stop at a million places before you finally make it home to cook dinner.

So listen up. What I’m about to say is IMPORTANT.

I stopped by Wine Authorities in Raleigh this week after I grabbed a scone at Yellow Dog Bakery.

We all know the rules about sunscreen now with so many years of parental experience. What I’m about to tell you could be even more important for our sanity.

And it could just ruin your night if you aren’t careful.

A staff member told me that 15 minutes in a hot car is much too long for your wine. It will cook and be ruined.

Who knew? I didn’t. Just 15 minutes in a hot car and the wine will be no good. And after weeks at home with the kids this summer, I certainly don’t want my wine ruined. Do you?

So make sure when you buy wine, make it the last stop before you return home.

Got it? See, I told you it was important.

You’re welcome.

Raise that glass to summer, ladies!

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