Ahhhhh - peace

04/12/2013 1:00 AM

04/05/2013 10:06 PM


The shower is often the quietest point in my day.  I love my kids, but that few minutes is priceless.

When it's warm outside, I sometimes pour a cold beer into a plastic cup and take it with me as I scrub down.  Ahhhhh - peace.

Well, that's what it's supposed to be.

Me in the shower last Tuesday:


Michelle, in a very loud voice:  "Dad, I can't find the charger for my iTouch."

Me:  "I'm in the shower."

Michelle:  "Duh.  I can't find it."

Me:  "Well I can assure you it's not in here!"

Michelle:  "Do you know where it is?"

Me:  "Look in the basket in the den.  I think it's in there."

Ahhhhhh - peace.

Michelle:  "It's not there."

Me:  "Well it's still not in here either!  I can't possibly find it while scrubbing the wax out of my ear!  Do you have an iTouch emergency?"

Michelle:  "Not really."

Me:  "Then you're gonna have to wait until I get the soap out of my eyes!  Chill."

Ahhhhh - peace.

Stephanie:  "Dad, are you in the shower?"  she asks as if I've never taken one before.

Me:  "Did you think it was your Latin teacher?  Yep.  This is me behind the fogged up glass."

Stephanie:  "Can you email Alise's mother and ask if she can spend the night on Friday?"

Me:  "Yes.  But the last time I brought the computer in here, the water made it too slick to type."

Stephanie:  "OK.  But don't forget!  You forgot last night."

Me:  "It'll be the first thing I do when I get out, right after I find the charger for Michelle's iTouch."

Stephanie:  "Thanks dad."

Me:  Wow.  She said thanks.

Ahhhh - peace.

DJ, yelling from the bedroom:  "Dad!  When you get out can you drive me to North Hills?  I'm meeting Kimmy there."

Me:  "What time are  you supposed to be there?"

DJ:  "Not for another ten minutes."

Me:  "What?  I can't hear you I'm in the shower."

DJ:  "I know!  I can hear the water.  IN TEN MINUTES."

Just 15 minutes - hot water, quiet, my plastic cup of Yuengling.  That's all I ask...

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