Scared of kitchen failure? Try these easy Halloween treats

10/22/2013 8:00 PM

10/23/2013 4:58 AM

I handle sharp knives and hot pans without flinching. But nothing scares me like a pastry bag.

Make food taste good? I can do that. Make it pretty? Not so much.

That makes Halloween food perfect for me. Give me gory, creepy and bumpy over delicate, artful and lovely any day.

Before this weekend’s Halloween parties, I holed up in the kitchen for a day and played around with the coolest ideas I found for food that would provoke a grin from the eaters instead of screams from the cook.

Nothing here that takes skill any tougher than rolling dough between your palms or stretching strands of melted marshmallow around a cake.

If you have young kids who are too excited to eat before they ring doorbells, hand them Gaping Apple Mouths made from apple wedges, peanut butter (use almond or sunflower butter if peanut butter is an issue) and sliced almonds.

Halloween ought to be child’s play – even for the adults in the kitchen.

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