This year’s new State Fair food: the Sloppy Joe Doughnut Burger

10/09/2013 5:13 PM

10/09/2013 5:47 PM

Among the new foods at this year’s N.C. State Fair will be the Sloppy Joe doughnut burger -- a scoop of seasoned ground beef topped with shredded cheese between a sliced-in-half glazed unfilled jelly doughnut.

This creation comes from the folks behind D&J Concessions and the Murphy House who have debuted the Krispy Kreme burger and deep-fried bacon cinnamon rolls at previous fairs. This year’s fair is Oct. 17-27 in Raleigh.

About their latest creation, D&J Concessions manager Matthew Varnadoe said, “It’s kind of tough to wrap your head around it. But it’s sweet and savory and it’s pretty good.”

(To see a television interview where Varnadoe explains the Sloppy Joe doughnut burger, go to the video at the end of this story and tune in at about the 5-minute mark.)

Varnadoe said they are still debating what other deep-fried treats they may debut at the state fair. The Sloppy Joe doughnut burger will be sold for $7 at the 1853 Grille and in the concession stands inside the Education and Gov. Kerr Scott buildings.

According to state fair officials, other new foods at this year’s fair include:

• A sour candy apple, or a Granny Smith apple coated with crushed Warheads candy, at the Brinkley’s booth.
• Grilled frog legs at The Ragin Cajun booth.
• Deep-fried ice cream at Scoops Ice Cream near the Graham building.
• An egg roll filled with pork barbecue and coleslaw at Woody’s stand.
• Chocolate chip cookies and milk will be sold in Heritage Circle.
• And Miss Debbie’s Specialty Apples is selling the Double Decker Doozy: two caramel apples on top of each other, dipped in white and dark chocolate, covered with marshmallows, M&Ms, various mini candy bars, gummy worms and turtle candies, and finally topped with a Hostess Ding Dong cake.

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