December 5, 2013

Asheville supper club comes to Raleigh

The Blind Pig brings its underground supper club to the Triangle for a Jan. 26 event.

Blind Pig, an underground supper club that puts on special events in Asheville, is hosting a Raleigh event next month.

The event is set for Jan. 26 and tickets cost $65. You enter a valid email address when you buy tickets and then receive details on the time and location of the event beforehand.

The tagline on the event is “Old Crew Reunites.” It will bring together five chefs who work or did work at the acclaimed Admiral restaurant in Asheville. Those chefs include Drew Maykuth, now of the much-buzzed-about Stanbury in Raleigh; Mike Moore of Seven Sows in Asheville; Elliott Moss, who is opening a barbecue restaurant in Asheville; Ivan Candido, who still cooks at the Admiral, and Alex Bryanton.

To reserve your spot, go to

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