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May 16, 2014 12:00 AM

Crime spree preceded 1879 hanging

These indolent, foolish and reckless desperadoes pay the highest penalty known to the law. They laughed at it and scorned it, violated it and evaded it, until their bold contempt of it wrought their destruction. The impunity with which they repeated their robberies and housebreakings shocked the whole State. Detectives, watchful citizens, outraged kinsmen of women whose chastity had been threatened, the vigilant fear of timid women all failed to get a clue to the perpetrators of crimes that begat sleepless nights and days of weary anxiety. The authorities of the University invoked the strained powers of the law to relieve the villagers from the siege of terror; the municipal authorities spent money and time and labor to discover and punish the violators of its dignity and peace, and higher powers were alive to the necessity of protecting the "first village of the State;" but it was left to the cunning band of treachery to work the downfall of a dangerous and terrible conspiracy.

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