London marks 75th anniversary of deadly Blitz

Beginning in the autumn of 1940, German Luftwaffe pilots bombed London for 57 consecutive nights. It began on Sept. 7, when 348 German bombers and 617 Messerschmitt fighters appeared in the clear skies above the British capital and began to pound the area with explosives. In the months that followed, great numbers of aghast Londoners fled to the countryside. But many more stayed put, through air raids that flattened great swaths of the city and killed 20,000 residents. When the bomb shelters filled up, tens of thousands of Londoners filed into Underground stations, where they slept, packed like sardines, on the concrete platforms.


At Disney parks, a bold shift away from Mickey, Goofy and pals

Walk the floor of the D23 Disney fan expo, which was held this month in Anaheim, and the biggest storyline was clear. Two of the largest exhibits were dedicated to the Disney parks - one a look back at 60 years of Disney history and one a look forward, a preview of the Shanghai Disneyland in development and an "Avatar"-inspired land coming to the Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fla.


Railroad buffs still make tracks to Strasburg

Parents instinctively want to re-create their favorite childhood memories for their own children. When we adopted our son, now 5, he arrived with an innate love of trains that reflected and even outpaced my own childhood devotion to all things railroad. It was only a matter of time before we retraced my childhood visits to railroad sites in this Amish county town, with our tow-headed young'un in tow.


Mystical, melancholy Istanbul

As we land over the Sea of Marmara, a gray drizzle bathes the view of huddled ships waiting their turn to cross the Bosphorus Strait, the turquoise waterway that runs through the city, separating its European and Asian sides.


Catching 40 winks in a caboose

Lancaster isn't the only place you can sleep in a train car. There's also the Caboose Motel at the Titusville and Oil Creek Railroad in Northwest Pennsylvania, converted Pullman cars in Chattanooga, Tenn., and a clutch of caboose motels in the Pacific Northwest.

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