Whirling through icebergs on a High Arctic cruise

“Shuussh!” said Capt. Oliver Kreuss, standing on the bridge of the Lindblad Expedition-National Geographic ship Explorer, training his binoculars on the iceberg-choked fiord ahead. “I can’t talk now,” he barked, cutting the speed to 6 knots and steering the vessel left and right around each floating titan like a dancer whirling his partner across the floor.


Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine can burst with colors

Wisconsinites might grimace at how rough winters can get these days, but 20,000 years ago much of the state was under a sheet of ice thicker than a mile in some places. This Laurentide Ice Sheet extended south of Chicago. One of the most fascinating marks it left as the ice melted was the Kettle Moraine.


Scottish Highlands elevate food, drink and fun

Mention the Scottish Highlands to a foodie, and haggis jumps to mind. But rest assured, this wildly gorgeous and sparsely populated region of Scotland offers gourmet travelers much more than sausage made from sheep's pluck. The food and drink delights of the Highlands match the region's eye-popping scenery in glory-be allure.


Recipe: G is for grits in Shenandoah Valley

If you eat out while vacationing in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, chances are the menu is going to include grits. On a recent trip there that included a drive on Skyline Drive, we got the dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water and/or cream not just as a side with breakfast at Cranberry's Grocery & Eatery in Staunton, but also at lunch at Clementine Cafe in Harrisonburg.


Head for the mountains

The mountains call to us this time of year with their glorious reds and yellows, glowing against the hazy blue skies, but their allure belongs to no one season alone.

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