Game review: 'Just Dance 17,' gets kids off the couch and into the virtual club

Parents need to know that "Just Dance 2017" is a dancing game. The game's music library includes a wide variety of dance songs, some of which include the occasional suggestive lyrics and/or dance moves. The game does require internet access in order to link to a UPlay Rewards account, public global platform for sharing, or compete online with the rest of the world. In-game ads for DLC, including "Unlimited" streaming service and premium songs, add pressure to players to spend real money beyond the price of the actual game.


Irish elegance abounds at Dromoland Castle

It is no secret that there is a treasure trove of castles across Ireland for travelers to explore, but coming upon an aged stronghold you can actually, by friendly means, storm and occupy for the night takes a wee bit more searching. Dromoland Castle ( in western Ireland’s scenic County Clare is just such a find, and well worth a stay because it has been transformed into a luxury resort that seamlessly blends a storied past with modern comforts.


How to see Chichen Itza without the crowds

Sounds of the jungle were as thick as the humidity. Birds chirped and trilled. A deep hoot added a bass note. An almost mechanical staccato clicking joined in. I was following a Mayan guide, Juan Gualberto Tun Pat, down a garden path on the grounds of my hotel, where life is so insistent that young trees sprout in the middle of the gravel walkway.


Best Kept Secrets-Stephenson’s Bar-B-Q

Video: Andy Stephenson describes the family restaurant that his father started in 1958, serving pit cooked Bar-B-Q and country cooking to generations of families from his business in Johnston County, N.C.
Robert Willett
Best Kept Secrets-Stephenson’s Bar-B-Q 1:39

Best Kept Secrets-Stephenson’s Bar-B-Q

Best-Kept Secrets: For would-be seafarers 0:57

Best-Kept Secrets: For would-be seafarers

Best Kept Secrets: NC Girls Weekend 1:37

Best Kept Secrets: NC Girls Weekend

The Bomb Squad That Barks 1:13

The Bomb Squad That Barks