Marquette, Mich., is mountain bike city

The plan, basically, was to drive east and see what happened. Plenty could go wrong as we ventured into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan without a detailed itinerary, but we had heard glowing reports of world-class mountain bike trails near Marquette, and for our family of mountain bikers, that was enough. Even if the trails didn't pan out, we would still be near Lake Superior.


Downtown Bakersfield: A city (un)stuck in time

Jutting skyward, adding impressive verticality to low-rise downtown Bakersfield, the Fox Theater's tower presides over the H Street bustle and hum with stolid, deep-rooted grandeur. Scalloped and columned, a handsome marriage of Spanish colonial revival and art deco, the tower invites your gaze up beyond its concrete base, past its red-lettered signage, tapering to its ornate clock face where ...

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