Parade watch: What's the seat-saving situation at Disney?

The world is made up of two kinds of people: Seat savers and the people who give the stink eye to seat savers. Tension between the two may have escalated at Disneyland, where some visitors were spreading out stuff on the walkways, holding space for hours and hours in advance of parades.


Stretch out your winter fun at Vermont resort

Is your family's idea of the perfect holiday gift several feet of fresh powder beneath their feet? At a time of year when cabin fever attacks, the freedom and exhilaration in skiing is the perfect antidote. When you drive up with your folks or the kids, you want the rest of your vacation to be spent having fun - not more driving around. A resort with all the amenities to please everyone fits the bill: Okemo Mountain Resort in Vermont. We had a great time checking out all that the resort had to offer - and there was quite a bit to do.


True luxury in St. Moritz

You are always alone atop a mountain, even in a crowd. At a beach - any beach - a solitary figure standing at the edge of your vision can make you feel intruded upon. On the summit of an Alpine mountain, a chairlift dumping out bystanders six at a time will offer you no companionship. I stand next to my wife at nearly 11,000 feet of altitude, in the St. Moritz region of Switzerland, on the highest skiable peak of the formidable Corvatsch massif. I have known my wife for over a quarter century, but she has momentarily become a phantom of herself, unable to interrupt my solitude with even the best of our mutual intentions.


Atlantis, like its namesake island, is a resort like no other

ATLANTIS RESORT, Paradise Island, Bahamas - Over the years, I have kissed a lot of things in my quest for a good story - Ireland's Blarney Stone; my luck goodbye in Las Vegas and shipboard casinos; terra firma after returning wobbly-kneed from the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb. But nothing I've ever kissed in the line of duty has given me as much pleasure as smacking lips with Katrina, a 6-year-old dolphin at Atlantis Resort's Dolphin Cay.


From business to pleasure in Switzerland

By good luck, winter break was just days away at our second-grader's public school as I flew Swiss International to represent my firm at meetings in Zurich. As business-class travelers who do the trans-Atlantic night run often enough know, you should arrive at the airport a half hour earlier than otherwise necessary, have your dinner in the lounge and sleep through the service on the plane. The Swiss lounge at JFK served me a lovely buffet meal, and I arrived in Zurich about as fresh as when I left.


Death Valley is place of unique features, unexpected character

The desert landscape and extreme climate of Death Valley National Park seem a little off, otherworldly even. Crooked peaks are capped with black lava, like thick fudge sauce drizzled over vanilla ice cream. Rocks mysteriously move across a dry lakebed. Some of the highest temperatures on earth have baked layers of mineral-stained sediment and volcanic ash into surreal outcroppings.


2 loaded guns spotted in carry-on bag at RDU checkpoint

Transportation Security Administration agents in North Carolina stopped a man checking in for a flight Tuesday morning, March 7, 2017, and called Raleigh-Durham International Airport police when X-rays showed two loaded handguns in the man's carry-on bag, the TSA said.


Car-free getaways possible in unexpected locations

Many major transit systems, like those in New York, predate the ubiquity of cars and serve densely populated urban areas. Now, younger and less dense cities, like Denver, are adding trains or streetcars. Even places most closely associated with cars, like Detroit and Los Angeles, are remaking transit networks once ripped out to make way for Fords, Chevys and Chryslers.


Solitary mailbox on North Carolina beach holds stories from visitors around the world

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox stands on a beach on Bird Island, North Carolina. It houses notebooks where visitors from around the world share their prayers, joy, grief, and secrets. Some write about the loved ones they lost, some show gratitude to what they have in life, and some even get engaged here. To get to the mailbox, it is not an easy walk. The closest parking lot is a mile and a half away. Frank Nesmith, keeper of the mailbox, put it up to communicate with his girlfriend, Claudia, 40 years ago. While their summer romance slipped by, the mailbox stays. In 2012, University of North Carolina Wilmington Randall Library Special Collections became home to the notebooks.
Aria Hangyu Chen/The Sun News
Solitary mailbox on North Carolina beach holds stories from visitors around the world 3:56

Solitary mailbox on North Carolina beach holds stories from visitors around the world

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