Hurricanes struggle to regain their place in Triangle’s sports scene

The Carolina Hurricanes are last in attendance in the NHL, averaging just 11,516 fans a game through 26 home games this season. The number of season-ticket holders has fallen for six straight years and is now 7,000, down from a peak of 11,000 the year after the team won the Stanley Cup in 2006.

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California high-speed rail back in court

Nation’s first real high-speed rail system promised to whisk travelers from San Francisco to LA in half the drive time

Eight years after funding approval, $68 billion project is years behind schedule

Gov. Jerry Brown has shown consistent support for the high-speed rail plan

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Tax bills, court case, Murkowski speech are things to know

A Senate committee is set to take up several of Gov. Bill Walker's tax bills during the coming week, including a proposal to re-institute a personal state income tax. The man at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court case about state-owned lands is scheduled to appear before a legislative panel. And Alaska's senior U.S. senator is slated to deliver her annual address to state lawmakers.


Things to know about Obama's summit with SE Asian leaders

President Barack Obama hosts Southeast Asian leaders at an unprecedented summit in California starting Monday as he looks to deepen ties with the region's fast-growing economies. But a nation not invited — neighboring power China — will be the proverbial elephant in the room as the leaders grapple with sensitive territorial disputes.


Top Republicans stay quiet on release of their tax returns

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, offered this year's hopefuls advice about a hard-learned lesson: Release your tax returns before the primaries and avoid tough scrutiny later. But the top three Republicans leading in national polls don't appear to be listening.