Updated school supplies deals for Aug. 10-16

08/10/2014 3:00 AM

08/09/2014 11:15 PM

Here’s this week’s cheat sheet of the very best deals school supplies at the office supply stores, big box retailers, drug stores, discounters and grocery stores. I’ve done the research so you can scoop up the best of the bargains without burning up a lot of gasoline..


Sharpie Accent Highlighters 5-pack: FREE after Easy Rebate.

1-subject notebooks: 17 cents.

Wood ruler: 25 cents.

School glue 4 oz.: 39 cents.

100-count index cards: 48 cents.

Crayola 24-pack crayons: 50 cents.

12-pack No. 2 pencils: 68 cents.

Slider pencil case: 75 cents.

12-pack eraser caps or 3-pack beveled erasers: 96 cents.

Graph-ruled composition books: $1.

5-count Paper Mate mechanical pencils: $1.

500-sheet copy paper: $2 after in-ad coupon and Easy Rebate.

16GB flash drive: $7.

Save $2 instantly on a binder when you recycle an old binder.

110 percent price-match guarantee on school supplies.

Office Depot and OfficeMax, which now have a combined circular:

1-subject spiral notebooks: 1 cent after $5 minimum purchase. Limit 3.

Office Depot 12-count or OfficeMax 24-count mechanical pencils: 25 cents. Limit 3.

Paper Mate Ink Joy single pens: 25 cents. Limit 3.

2-pocket plastic folders: 50 cents. Limit 3.

3-hole notebook punch: $1. Limit 3.

Expo Dry-Erase black markers 4-pack: $1. Limit 3.

Hole punch with padded handles: $1.


Paper folder: 15 cents.

70-sheet spiral notebooks: 25 cents.

Neon erasers: 25 cents.

Bic 10-pack Round Stic pens: 97 cents

$1/2 8/3 Smart Source insert

= 47 cents each.

Elmer’s 4 oz. glue: 50 cents.

Crayola 24-count crayons: 50 cents.

150-sheet pack of filler paper: 75 cents. New price.

Dixon No. 2 pencils 20-pack: 97 cents.

90-sheet Post-It Sticky Notes: $1.

Crayola 12-count colored pencils: $1.27.

Crayola Washable water colors 8-pack: $1.97.

Ticonderoga pencils 24-pack: $3.97.


Note: Look for store coupons on the Target website. You can stack these with manufacturer coupons for more savings. Print them via Target.com. There is a link to coupons at the bottom of the home page.

Up & Up 2-pocket poly folder: 50 cents.

Up & Up 100-count index cards: 50 cents.

Up & Up pencil sharpener: 50 cents.

Big Lots:

2-pocket portfolios: 14 cents.

70-sheet spiral notebooks: 17 cents.

150-count filler paper (college- or wide-rule): 79 cents.

Dollar General:

Crayola 24-count crayons: 50 cents.

Elmer’s school glue 4 oz.: 50 cents.

Sharpie highlighter: 50 cents.

Composition notebook: 50 cents.

125-count college-ruled filler paper: 50 cents. This is the CHEAPEST price I’ve seen so far this year.

Family Dollar:

180-sheet filler paper: $1.

4-pack glue sticks: $1.

Backpacks: $5.

Dollar Tree:

200-count filler paper: $1. A nice deal, though Dollar General’s price is better.

8-pack glue sticks: $1.

10-oz. hand sanitizer: $1.

64-count crayons: $1.

24-count No. 2 pencils: $1.

3-subject notebooks: $1.

Dry erase board (8.5” by 11”): $1.


70-count spiral notebooks: 25 cents after $5 minimum purchase. Limit 5.

2-count Westcott scissors: 25 cents after $5 minimum purchase. Limit 5.

2-pack fine-tip black Sharpie markers: 25 cents after $5 minimum purchase. Limit 5.

3-subject notebooks: 99 cents.


Wooden ruler: 7/$1.

2-pocket paper folder: 7/$1.

Wexford 3-pack mechanical pencils or 280-pack sticky page markers: 39 cents with in-ad coupon.

8-pack No. 2 pencils or compass: 39 cents with in-ad coupon.

5-inch scissors or Wexford highlighter: 39 cents with in-ad coupon.

Slider pencil case or plastic ruler: 39 cents with in-ad coupon.

Wexford dome pencil sharpener or 24-pack Penway crayons: 39 cents with in-ad coupon.

Wexford carry all case or plastic protractor: 49 cents with in-ad coupon.

Wexford 100-pack index cards or case: 49 cents with in-ad coupon.

Wexford 5-tab dividers: 49 cents with in-ad coupon.

Paper Mate mechanical pencils 5-pack: 49 cents.

Elmer’s school glue (4 oz. or 2-pack glue stick): 49 cents.

Wexford 1-subject spiral notebook: 49 cents.

Wexford 3-pack glue sticks: 69 cents with in-ad coupon.

Penway 12-pack colored pencils or 10-pack classic markers: 79 cents with in-ad coupon.

2-pack Sharpie highlighters: 79 cents.

Filler paper (130 sheets): 79 cents with in-ad coupon.

Backpacks or totes: BOGO.

Rite Aid:

Five Star Mead stationery products: BOGO

$1/2 8/3 SS

Westcott scissors, Playskool 24-count crayons, 4 oz. school glue, Mead 70-count spiral notebooks, erasers, poly or paper portfolios, poly mailers, pencil case, sharpeners, rulers or index cards: 3/99 cents.

Backpacks, totes, lunch kits: 50 percent off.

Rite Aid envelopes, index cards, notebooks, tablets, glue, tape and writing instruments: BOGO.


Filler paper and envelopes (does not specify count): 77 cents.

Backpacks or lunch carriers: starting at $5.99.

Get $5/$10 Extra Bucks when you spend $25/$35 on select school supplies. Unfortunately, the prices on most items are much higher than elsewhere.

Aldi (sales through Tuesday, 8/12):

Insulated lunch bags: $2.99.

Backpacks: $6.99.

Food Lion (sales through Tuesday, 8/12):

OfficeMax 1-subject spiral notebooks or 2-pocket folders with prongs: 25 cents each.

Lunch kits: $4.99.

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