Lowes Foods deals, Aug. 13-19

08/13/2014 4:00 AM

08/12/2014 11:01 PM

At Lowes Foods this week, look for good deals on chicken, hummus, bacon, Turkey Hill ice cream, Kraft American cheese slices, Cheerios Protein and Fiber One Protein cereals, Snack Pack puddings and Snyder’s pretzels. There are also bonus gas rewards available.

Keep reading for all the best deals at Lowes Foods this week.

Promotions and coupon match-ups:

Store coupon book: If you did not receive one in last week’s paper, ask for one at the customer service desk. There are several good coupons this time around, including discounts on Coke, Snyder’s pretzels, GM cereals, Kraft Singles, Betty Crocker mixes and frosting and Kleenex. Check the match-ups below for the best deals. Coupons are valid through Aug. 26.

10-cent s gas rewards: Get 10 cents per gallon of gasoline at Lowes Foods or Wilco Hess gas stations when you purchase ten participating $1 items. Look for tags on store shelves. Check the match-ups below for the best of these deals.

Fresh Rewards E-Offer: Turkey Hill ice cream (48 oz.): $1.99

$1/1 printable coupon at http://turkeyhill.com/coupons/coupons.aspx

= 99 cents! Limit 2. Super price!

Rayovac batteries: $1

.50/1 printable coupon on Hopster.com

= FREE. Plus, this is part of the bonus gas rewards promo.

Mrs. Cubbison’s croutons: $1

Possible $1/1 printable coupon on Mrs. Cubbison’s Facebook page

= FREE. Plus, this is part of the bonus gas rewards promo.

Coke brand 2 liters: 97 cents with store coupon booklet.

Fiber One Protein or Cheerios Protein: $3

$2/2 store coupon booklet

.75/1 Fiber One cereals 6/29 SS, expiring 8/9

$1/1 Cheerios Protein 6/29 SS, expiring 8/9

$1/1 8/3 SS

= as low as 50 cents for the Fiber One and $1 for the Cheerios.

Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding: $1

$1/4 printable coupon on Savings.com

.45/3 8/10 SS

= as low as 70 cents each. Included in bonus gas rewards promo.

Kraft salad dressings (16 oz.): 2/$4 with store coupon booklet

.55/1 printable coupon

= 90 cents. Very nice price.

Note: The .75/1 coupon on N&O’s Find N Save is on the 24 oz. bottle so it’s not valid on this deal.

Purell hand sanitizer (8 oz. pump): $1.99 with store coupon booklet

$1/1 7/27 SS2

= 99 cents. This is often on back-to-school supplies lists.

Kraft American Cheese Singles (16 oz.): $2.50 with store coupon booklet

.75/1 printable coupon on N&O’s Find N Save

= $1. Great price.

Yoplait Go-Gurt: $2

.75/2 8/3 SS

= $1.25 each.

Chips Ahoy cookies: BOGO or $2.10 each

.75/2 8/10 SS

= $1.35 each.

Kraft Mayo (30 oz.): 2/$5 with store coupon booklet

.50/1 printable coupon on N&O’s Find N Save

= $1.50.

Naked Juice: $2.50

$1/1 printable coupon on Savings.com

= $1.50.

Arnold bread: BOGO or $2.15 each

$1/2 5/11 SS

= $1.65 each.

Snyder’s Pretzels: 2/$4 with store coupon booklet

PLUS: There’s a $3 credit available on SavingStar.com when you spend $15 on Snyder’s.

Lay’s Baked chips: 2/$5 with store coupon booklet.

Sun Chips: 2/$5 with store coupon booklet.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free cereal: BOGO or $2.20

$1/2 8/3 RP2

= $1.70 each.

Nabisco variety packs or tray packs: $3.49 with store coupon booklet.

.75/2 8/10 SS

Up to $1 cash-back credit from Ibotta on Snackwell sandwich creme cookies, which are a Nabisco product.

= as low as $1.74 for the Snackwell tray pack.

Seattle’s Best Coffee (12 oz.): $4.99

$2/1 printable coupons available at http://www.hotcouponworld.com/big-big-list-of-bricks-printable-coupons/

= $2.99. Better deal at Harris Teeter this week.

No coupons required:

Limes: 33 cents.

Green bell peppers: 97 cents each.

Snap beans: 97 cents per pound.

Yellow squash: 97 cents per pound.

White seedless grapes: $1.27 per pound.

Russet potatoes: $3.49 for 5-lb. bag.

Chicken thighs or drumsticks: 99 cents per pound.

Cedar’s Simply hummus (12 oz.): $1.99.

Applewood smoked butcher-cut bacon: $3.69 per pound.

Lowes Foods frozen vegetables (14-16 oz.): $1.25.

Lowes Foods canned tomatoes (14.5 oz.): 69 cents.

Lowes Foods 6-pack applesauce: $1.50.

Lowes Foods syrup (24 oz.): $2.

Lay’s potato chips: BOGO or $2.15 each.

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables: $1. Included in bonus gas rewards promo.

Pepsi brand 2 liters: $1. Included in bonus gas rewards promo.

Sparkle paper towel roll: $1. Included in bonus gas rewards promo.

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