Harris Teeter deals, Aug. 20-26

08/20/2014 4:00 AM

08/19/2014 9:25 PM

Harris Teeter is offering a lot of sales this week -- a host of Buy 2, Get 3 Free items, a $1 sale, a back-to-school stock-up sale and a $5 instant savings promotion on Kraft products. Some of the deals are better than others.

Save yourself time and money checking out my long list below, but here are some of the highlights: 10-cent Yoplait yogurt, 20-cent New York Texas Toast croutons, 40-cent Smuckers jelly, 60-cent Kashi cereal, 89-cent Ball Park Franks, $1 Tropicana orange juice, Harris Teeter shredded cheese for $1.19 and Jif peanut butter for $1.50.

Keep reading for all the best deals and coupon match-ups at Harris Teeter this week.

Promotions and coupon match-ups:

Back-to-school stock-up sale: Keep in mind, to get the lowest price on these deals, you must purchase the number specified in the circular. Check match-ups below for the best deals.

Ten for $10 promo: There are lots of items included in this promo. The most important thing to remember is each item rings up at $1. There is NO need to buy ten.

Kraft promotion: Buy five participating items, Save $5 instantly on your order. Any combination qualifies. One deal per transaction.

Here’s a sample scenario:

Buy three Kraft Singles (16 oz.) for $3.99 and two Oscar Mayer Wieners (16 oz.) for $3.49 = $18.95

After $5 instant savings = $13.95

After three .75/1 printable coupons on the cheese and one $1/2 printable coupon on the hot dogs = $8.45

That’s $1.69 per package. A solid deal.

Note: Printable coupons are on N&O’s Find N Save coupon page.

E-Vic Special this week: Yoplait yogurt cups (6 oz.): 37 cents. Limit 15.

.40/6 or .50/8 8/3 SS

.40/6 HT digital coupon. Check your E-Vic account to see if you received this coupon.

.40/6 SavingStar.com cash-back credit

= as low as 10 cents each after paper and digital coupons and credit.

New York Texas Toast croutons (5 oz.): $1

.40/1 7/13 SS

= 20 cents!

Mueller’s Pot-Size Pasta (16 oz.): $1.85

.75/1 printable coupon

= 35 cents.

Jif peanut butter (16 oz.) or Smuckers Jelly (32 oz.): $1.50 each when you buy 4. Otherwise: $2 each.

.55/1 Smuckers 8/10 RP

= as low as 40 cents each for the Smuckers! Fantastic deal.

Turkey Hill iced tea (64 oz.): $1 each when you buy 5. Otherwise: $1.25

$1/2 printable coupon at http://turkeyhill.com/coupons/coupons.aspx

= as low as 50 cents each.

Furmano’s canned tomatoes (14.5-15 oz.): $1

$1/3 printable coupon

= 66 cents each.

Ball Park Beef Franks (14-15 oz.): BOGO or as low as $1.99 each

.55/1 8/3 RP2

= 89 cents! Fantastic price.

Pop Tarts (12 pack): $2 each when you buy 5. Otherwise: $2.50 each.

.40/1 printable coupon on KelloggsFamilyRewards.com

= as low as $1.20 each.

Kashi cereals and bars: $2 each when you buy 5. Otherwise: $2.99 each.

.70/1 printable coupon for cereal on Kashi.com

$1/2 printable coupon on N&O’s Find N Save

= as low as 60 cents each!

Tropicana orange juice (46-59 oz.): $2 each when you buy 5: Otherwise: $2.99

$1/1 Tropicana Farmstand 7/27 SS1

= as low as $1 each.

Lance Crackers (8 pack): BOGO or $1.79 each

$1/2 printable coupon

= $1.29 each.

Nabisco Ritz crackers (9.1-13.7 oz.): BOGO or $1.92 each

.75/2 8/10 SS

= $1.17 each.

Nabisco Triscuits and Wheat Thins crackers (3.5-9.5 oz.): BOGO or $2.10 each

.75/2 8/10 SS

= $1.35 each. Lowes Foods has a better deal.

Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (61 oz.): BOGO or $3.49 each

$2/2 7/13 SS, expiring 8/23

= $2.49 each. An OK deal.

No coupons required:

Green peppers: 89 cents each.

Strawberries: $1.67 per pound. Nice price.

Fresh Express American Salad Mix (11 oz. bag): BOGO or $1.84 each.

Organic grape tomatoes (pint): BOGO or $1.99 each.

Pineapple: BOGO or $2.49 each. Decent deal on a large one.

Smithfield Boston butt: BOGO or $1.49 per pound.

Boneless chicken breast: $1.99 per pound. Good deal.

Pre-sliced deli meats (8 oz.): BOGO or $1.99 each.

Pre-sliced deli cheese (8 oz.): BOGO or $2.49 each.

London broil: BOGO or $3.49 per pound. Good price.

EZ Peel shrimp (all sizes): BOGO.

Harris Teeter shredded cheese (6-8 oz.): Buy 2, Get 3 Free (Reg. price: $2.99) = $1.19 each wyb 5.

PictSweet vegetables (24-28 oz.): Buy 2, Get 3 Free (Reg. price: as low as $3.69.) = as low as $1.47 each wyb 5.

Harris Teeter sour cream (24 oz.): $2. Good price for this size.

Harris Teeter All Natural Ice Cream (48 oz.): Buy 2, Get 3 Free (Reg. price: $5.39) = $2.15 each wyb 5.

Harris Teeter Deluxe American cheese (12 oz.): BOGO or $2.24.

Rothbury croutons (5 oz.): BOGO or 79 cents each.

Harris Teeter dry lima beans, black-eye peas or kidney beans (16 oz.): BOGO or 98 cents each.

Mueller’s pasta (12-16, select): BOGO or 99 cents each.

Harris Teeter marinades (12.25 oz.): $1.

Rosarita Refried Beans (16 oz.): $1.

Marzetti Texas Toast Croutons (5 oz.): $1.

Hanover Kidney or Black Beans (15.5 oz.): $1.

Vlasic Relish or Dill Pickle Chips: BOGO or $1.09 to $1.34 each.

Harris Teeter steak sauce (10 oz.): BOGO or $1.18 each.

Harris Teeter Real Mayonnaise (12 oz.): BOGO or $1.19 each.

Harris Teeter organic raisins (12 oz.): BOGO or $1.64 each.

Harris Teeter ketchup (64 oz.): BOGO or $1.99 each.

Thomas’ English Muffins: BOGO or $1.49 each.

Thomas’ bagels: BOGO or $1.99 to $2.17 each.

HT Traders coffee (12 oz.): Buy 2, Get 3 Free (Reg. price: $7.99.) = $3.19 each wyb 5.

Harris Teeter 2 liter soda: 77 cents.

Pepsi brand 12-packs: Buy 2, Get 3 Free (Reg. price: $6.49) = $2.59 each wyb 5. A decent deal --just a few cents off my maximum target price of $2.50.

Harris Teeter re-closeable freezer bags (select sizes): BOGO or $1.39 each.

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