Food Lion deals, Oct. 9-15

10/09/2013 12:51 PM

10/09/2013 12:52 PM

Food Lion has good deals this week on Barilla pasta, Birds Eye Steamfresh, Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting, Mahatma rice, Dr. Oetker frozen pizza, Edy's ice cream, chicken breasts and boneless chuck roast.

Also be sure to check out: the General Mills, Unilever and frozen food promotions. All three will shave $5 each off your grocery bill at check out.

Keep reading for all this week's deals and coupon match-ups.

Food Lion shopping tips:

*Food Lion stores in the Triangle accept an unlimited number of coupons per order. Coupons are accepted at face value. No more than 10 identical coupons are accepted per order.

*Be sure to scan your loyalty card at the coupon kiosk near the front door. A sheet of coupons will print each day you shop. These coupons may NOT be stacked with manufacturer coupons, according to Food Lion policy.

*Sign up for weekly emails to receive additional store coupons.

*BOGO sale items ring up at half-price so you don't have to buy both items to get the discount. You may use a coupon on each BOGO item you purchase.

Holiday Dinner Promotion: Through Nov. 26, spend $40 or more in a visit and receive a ticket toward a free holiday dinner. Collect six different weekly tickets and you'll receive a $20 coupon.

Unilever Promotion: Save $5 instantly when you spend $15 on participating Unilever personal care products.

General Mills Promotion: Spend $15 on participating General Mills products, Save $5 instantly at the register. See match-ups below.

Frozen Food Promotion: Spend $15 on select frozen food items, Save $5 instantly at the register. See match-ups below.

Coupon match-ups:

Betty Crocker cake mix or frosting: $1.25

.85/2 printable coupon on

.75/2 9/29 SS

.75/2 credit

= 45 cents each after coupon and SavingStar credit.

PLUS: This is part of the Save $5 GM promotion.

Deal idea:

Buy 12 cake mixes = $15

Use two .85/2 printables and four .75/2 coupons = $10.30

After SavingStar credit = $9.55

After instant savings promotion = $4.55.

That's 38 cents per cake mix.

Barilla pasta (12-16 oz.): BOGO or $1 each

$1/2 printable coupon on

.55/2 9/8 SS2

= as low as 50 cents each. Nice deal.

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables (10-12 oz.): $1.50

$1/1 Chef's Favorites printable on

.50/1 Chef's Favorites 9/22 SS

= as low as 50 cents.

PLUS: These are included in the Save $5 instantly frozen food promotion.

Mahatma rice (16 oz.): 99 cents

.75/2 9/8 RP

= 62 cents each. Nice price.

Betty Crocker boxed potatoes: 89 cents

.50/2 10/6 SS1 or 9/8 SS2

= 64 cents each.

PLUS: This is part of the Save $5 GM promotion.

Progresso Soups: $2

.50/2 or .25/1 9/8 SS2 or 9/22 SS

$2/8 credit

PLUS: This is part of the Save $5 GM promotion.

Deal idea:

Buy 8 cans = $16

Use four .50/2 coupons = $14

After $5 instant savings = $9. That's $1.13 per can.

After $2 credit = $7. That's 88 cents per can.

Old El Paso Stand N Stuff Soft Shells or Cooking Sauces: $1.99

.75/1 8/25 SS

= $1.24.

PLUS: This is part of the Save $5 GM promotion.

Edy's ice cream: 2/$5

$1/2 printable coupon

= $2 each. Nice price.

Dr. Oetker frozen pizza: $3.49

$1/1 9/8 SS1

= $2.49.

PLUS: These are included in the Save $5 instantly frozen food promotion.

Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios: BOGO. (price not listed.)

.60/1 Lucky Charms printable coupon on

$1/2 Honey Nut Cheerios printable on

.50/1 Lucky Charms printable on

.50/1 Lucky Charms credit

.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios credit

PLUS: This is part of the Save $5 GM promotion.

Clorox (55-64 oz.): $1.99

$1/2 10/6 SS1

= $1.49 each.

Tide laundry detergent (40 oz. liquid, 42-56 oz. powder): $4.79

$2/1 9/29 P&G

= $2.79. Good price, if you're brand loyal.

Scott toilet paper (12 double, 9 mega) or paper towels (no size given): $4.99

$1/1 toilet paper 9/22 SS

.75/1 paper towels 9/22 SS

= as low as $3.99. Good price.

No coupons required:

Kiwi: 50 cents each.

Carrots (1-lb. bag): 69 cents. Good price.

Sweet onions: 99 cents per pound. An OK price, though these are frequently cheaper.

Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples: $1.29 per pound. An OK price, though a bit over

my $1 per pound target price.

Leaf lettuce: $1.29 each.

Tomatoes: $1.29 per pound. Good price.

White potatoes (5 lb. bag): $2. Great price.

Bar S jumbo franks (16 oz.): $1.

Pork picnic: $1.49 per pound.

Boneless chicken breast in the value pack: $1.99 per pound.

Food Lion sausage patties (9 oz.): $2.

Boneless center-cut pork chops: $2.99 per pound.

Boneless chuck roast: $2.99 per pound.

Deli Virginia or honey ham: $4.99 per pound.

My Essentials sour cream (16 oz.): $1.47. A decent price.

My Essentials canned vegetables (14.5-15.25 oz.): 67 cents. Decent price.

My Essentials ketchup (24 oz.): 97 cents.

Thomas' English Muffins: BOGO or $2.10.

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