Aldi deals, Dec. 11-17

12/11/2013 4:00 AM

12/10/2013 5:09 PM

Aldi stores in the Triangle have great deals this week on cucumbers, avocados, baby carrots, spinach, chicken breasts, chocolate chips, butter and lots more ingredients for holiday baking.

Keep reading for all of this week's top deals.

Aldi shopping tips:

Aldi does not accept coupons or provide bags. Bring your own reusable bags and a quarter to rent a cart. Your coin will be returned when you return the cart to the corral near the front door.

This week's top deals:

Cucumbers: 39 cents each.

Avocados: 59 cents each.

Baby carrots: 69 cents for a 1-pound bag.

Grape tomatoes: 99 cents per pint.

Spinach: 99 cents for a 9-ounce bag.

Green peppers: $1.19 for three.

Smoked ham shank portion: 99 cents per pound.

Smoked ham butt portion: $1.19 per pound.

Cream cheese (8 oz.): 89 cents.

Eggs: $1.29 per dozen.

Baking morsels (11-12 oz., semi-sweet, milk, white or butterscotch): $1.29. Terrific price.

Butter (1 lb.): $1.69! Incredible price.

Goat cheese logs (4 oz.): $1.69.

Blue or Feta cheese (5 oz.): $1.99.

Brie cheese round (8 oz.): $2.69.

Canned evaporated milk (12 oz.) 65 cents.

Canned pumpkin (15 oz.): 89 cents.

All-purpose flour (5 lb.): $1.39. Limit 6.

Sugar (4 lb.): $1.49. Limit 6.

Apple pie filling (21 oz.): $1.69.

Canned green beans or corn: 49 cents.

Condensed creamed soups: 49 cents.

Boxed potatoes: 69-79 cents.

Canned cranberry sauce: 89 cents.

Boxed broth (32 oz.): $1.29.

6-inch poinsettia: $3.99.

Wednesday Fresh Meat Special: Chicken breasts family pack: $1.49 per pound. Great price.

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