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Part-time living, full-time aesthetic

PHILADELPHIA - Steve Patterson's parents owned a small hotel and restaurant in the West Midlands of Worcestershire, England, when he was growing up, so the fact that his 3-year-old business provides places to stay makes perfect sense.

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Real estate Q&A: Mortgage requires homeowner to have insurance

Q: Exactly what kind of property insurance is required by law if I have a mortgage? Every year or two, the requirements and costs seem to go up, and now the amount of coverage my lender wants is out of line with the value of my home. Also, can the lender force me to include the insurance payment with my monthly mortgage payment?

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The Mortgage Professor: Choosing the best type of mortgage

Mortgage borrowers choosing between different types of mortgages face a puzzle, and that puzzle may be particularly perplexing today. Interest rates remain low by historic standards, and the spread between fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages remains large. But there are widespread expectations that all rates will soon increase - unless of course the current stock market troubles cause rates to drop again. The challenge to borrowers who must choose a type of mortgage in this environment is also a challenge to anyone presumptuous enough to offer them advice.

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