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Real estate Q&A: HOA can't ban solar panels

Q: I live in a community with a homeowner's association and want to put some solar panels on my roof to be more energy-efficient. Our board members aren't letting me because they say it would violate the rules about how our community is supposed to look. Can they stop me from doing this?

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The Mortgage Professor: Preventing mortgages from going underwater

One weakness of the standard mortgage in the U.S., discussed last week, is the extreme rigidity of the payment obligation, which makes it very difficult to manage the repayment process efficiently. In last week's article, I suggested that this problem could best be fixed by defining the borrower's contractual obligation in terms of a maximum loan balance that would decline month by month, rather than a minimum payment. The second weakness, discussed below, is that the borrower must assume a risk that her equity in the property will decline due to circumstances beyond her control. This happened to most homeowners during the 2006-2011 recession.

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In Raleigh, critics decry sale of property on Caswell Square

On Tuesday, the Council of State will be asked to approve the sale of three vacant buildings on a third of an acre in downtown Raleigh to a private developer for $1.75 million. But critics say that financial windfall for the state comes at the price of selling off a piece of its heritage: Part of one of the five squares laid out in the original plan for Raleigh in 1792.

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Reasons not to fall for those bargain prices at Ikea

Founded in 1951 by Ingvar Kamprad, Ikea - the name is his initials combined with the first letters of the farm and village where he grew up: Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd - is now a worldwide franchise where consumers can find stylish furniture at bargain prices. And don't forget about the delicious Swedish meatballs.

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Real estate Q&A: Can HOA ban campaigning or campaign signs?

Q: Our homeowner's association has a rule prohibiting soliciting. When candidates tried to campaign in our community for the recent elections, they were told they were not allowed to do so. Doesn't free speech trump (pardon the pun) this HOA rule, or is it also considered soliciting? On the same subject, can our association ban me from placing a sign for my candidate on my lawn?


Tir Na nOg says goodbye

After 18 years in business, Tir Na nOg Irish Pub will close its doors in downtown Raleigh on Sunday, November 22, 2015. The 8000-square-foot restaurant will be leased to its neighbor Bida Manda. Plans are underway to open a brewery, dim sum restaurant, florist shop and bookstore in the space next year.
Travis Long
Tir Na nOg says goodbye 1:41

Tir Na nOg says goodbye

Wendell Falls project back on track 0:42

Wendell Falls project back on track

Lazarus the Cat's Excellent Long Distance Adventure 2:36

Lazarus the Cat's Excellent Long Distance Adventure

Roy Williams disappointed after win over Davidson 4:30

Roy Williams disappointed after win over Davidson

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