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The Mortgage Professor: Questions about mortgage repayment as an investment

Questions from readers about why and how to pay off a mortgage early out-number those I receive on any other topic, including loan origination. Borrowers typically spend only a few weeks, at most a few months, acquiring a mortgage, but they usually have the mortgage for many years. During that period, their financial circumstances may change, the economy may change, or they may change, any of which may stimulate an interest in accelerating the repayment of their mortgage.

Real Estate News

Real estate Q&A: Condo allows dogs but doesn't offer potty park

Q: I picked my condo because it was dog friendly. It turns out that the building is more dog tolerant. While dogs are allowed, the condo does not provide an area for the dogs to relieve themselves. Owners must take their dogs off the property for potty breaks. Can a condo board allow residents to have dogs without providing a relief area?

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