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Habitat for Humanity proposes housing compromise in Cary

No vote was held at the Feb. 23 meeting. Another public hearing will be held before the town’s planning and zoning board on April 17. If approved, the project would be partially funded by federal housing grants Cary receives and distributes through a competitive application process each year.

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The Mortgage Professor: Emerging tight money may hit the mortgage market hard

Rising interest rates reduce the demand for housing by increasing the monthly payment on the mortgage most borrowers need to finance a purchase. In today's market, a consumer with good credit and the capacity to put 20 percent down, looking to borrow the $200,000 needed to purchase a $250,000 house, can obtain a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 4 percent, on which the monthly payment is $955. When the rate goes to 8 percent, which is what I paid on my last mortgage, the payment will be $1,468.

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When single homeowners pair up, what happens to their real estate?

CHICAGO - It's a classic story: Two people meet, fall in love, decide to move in together. If the lovebirds are moving from one rented pad to another, it's a simple enough plan to wait until a lease is over and search for a shared abode. But if, like many young professionals, both halves of the couple already own property, the path to domestic bliss becomes a bit more complex.

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The Mortgage Professor: Why do borrowers pay for mortgage insurance?

Last week, I wrote an article on how home mortgage borrowers who have been required to purchase mortgage insurance could earn a high rate of return by paying it off - with the help of a new spreadsheet now on my website. That article ignored what would have been the first question posed by a smart visitor from Mars: Why does the borrower pay for insurance that protects the lender?

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Real estate Q&A: Tenant may need approval for boyfriend to stay over

Q: I have been renting a condominium for the past several years. The man I have been dating stays over frequently. A board member approached me and told me I need to fill out a tenant application and pay a fee for my boyfriend. The condo rules state that guests may not stay more than 14 days in any six-month period. My landlord is unaware of any of this. It all seems so juvenile to ask if I can have a sleepover. Do we need to pay this fee?


New hotel nears completion in downtown Raleigh

Construction nears completion on a Residence Inn by Marriott hotel Thursday, January 19, 2016 in downtown Raleigh. More than 1,000 hotel rooms are slated to open in Wake County in 2017, the most hotel rooms county wide in a single year since 1999.
Travis Long
New hotel nears completion in downtown Raleigh 0:41

New hotel nears completion in downtown Raleigh

Tir Na nOg says goodbye 1:41

Tir Na nOg says goodbye

Wendell Falls project back on track 0:42

Wendell Falls project back on track

Longtime lung transplant survivor 3:23

Longtime lung transplant survivor "So eternally grateful," to donor

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