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Cary council shapes eastern gateway to town

The Cary Town Council discussed the town’s proposed plan for the Eastern Cary Gateway Special Planning Area on Wednesday. This area includes the Cary Towne Center, Triangle Aquatic Center, WakeMed Soccer Park and a 90-acre site where a Wegmans may be built.

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Real estate Q&A: All owners will have to pay for HOA's mistake

Q: I live in a community with a homeowner's association. The board hired unlicensed workers to paint and replace fences. The city then cited our association with a code violation and a fairly substantial fine. There is also the expense to fix the issue. The board members want to pass the fines along to the homeowners who live close to those fences. Can they legally do this? Are the board members individually liable?

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3 ways to avoid paying a loan origination fee for your mortgage

A house is usually one of the biggest purchases a person will make in his lifetime, which means the loan taken out for it will probably also be one of the biggest. If you're applying for a mortgage or deed loan, as a potential borrower, you need to understand all the fees associated with your loan and shop around for the best offers. One of these fees is the loan origination fee.

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The Mortgage Professor: How to unleash the reverse mortgage market

Last week's article indicated that the market for home equity conversion mortgages - the federal government's reverse mortgage program - is not a shoppers market because the product is not well-defined, the prices charged are obscure, and borrowers have no reason to be confident that the product selected will be delivered at the agreed-upon price. Home equity conversion mortgages, or HECMs, are offered in a gotcha market.


Tir Na nOg says goodbye

After 18 years in business, Tir Na nOg Irish Pub will close its doors in downtown Raleigh on Sunday, November 22, 2015. The 8000-square-foot restaurant will be leased to its neighbor Bida Manda. Plans are underway to open a brewery, dim sum restaurant, florist shop and bookstore in the space next year.
Travis Long
Tir Na nOg says goodbye 1:41

Tir Na nOg says goodbye

Wendell Falls project back on track 0:42

Wendell Falls project back on track

Fabulous Knobs to reunite after 27 years 3:40

Fabulous Knobs to reunite after 27 years

Garner seals $2.9 million deal with St. Aug's for Meadowbrook 2:10

Garner seals $2.9 million deal with St. Aug's for Meadowbrook

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