Hawkins: Charter schools and transparency

08/01/2014 12:00 AM

07/28/2014 4:22 PM

Charter schools and transparency

There have been many times when the Republican party has called for accountability. Of course accountability requires transparency, so that those to whom you are accountable can see what you’ve done and what it has cost them.

Sadly, it seems that Republicans in the N.C. Senate are hypocritically opposing transparency and accountability by charter schools. Instead of insisting that charter schools tell us who they hire and how much those hires are paid, senators are opposing such requirements. Thus, although charter schools are using our money, Senate Republicans are trying to block us from finding out who is hired with our money and how much of our money they are to be paid!

Gov. Pat McCrory should veto any bill that prevents full transparency and accountability.

To begin with, I greatly resent the fact that my taxes are being used to help pay for the education of students in religious schools, which I do believe is unconstitutional. But I would resent even more any measures that prevent me from seeing exactly who is to be paid with my money and how much they are to be paid.

Robert P. Hawkins, Ph.D.


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