Steve Diehl: Fairer Morrisville election

04/04/2014 12:00 AM

04/02/2014 12:13 PM

Fairer Morrisville elections

Let’s not have another Morrisville Town Council election with confusing and meaningless “districts.” All council members serve at large, representing all of Morrisville. No one represents a “district.” The majority vote of all citizens is required to be elected.

Having districts was to assure representation from the Shiloh community. However, to maintain relatively equal population in districts, growth required the arbitrary redrawing of boundaries. Neighborhoods had to be split with parts combined into unrelated groupings. Shiloh no longer has its own district.

Today, districts do not have clear geographical identities. It is a residency requirement without meaning.

All other municipalities our size in Wake County only have at-large seats.

All at-large candidates would mean fairer elections in Morrisville, improved selection and equitable representation. Instead of four artificial district contests, all candidates would compete in one race.

Despite overwhelming support last year from citizens at public hearings and in emails, the council majority postponed its decision. The excuse was that it was a “council election year.” A current delaying tactic is to propose it be a ballot referendum in the next council election. This would mean another municipal election with irrational district contests.

The time is overdue for action on this issue. We elected the council members to make needed and timely decisions for the betterment of Morrisville and its citizens. Don’t let them kick this issue down the road again.

The current system is wrong. Let’s make it right now.

Steve Diehl


Diehl is a former member of the Morrisville Town Council.

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