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05/16/2014 11:22 AM

02/15/2015 11:20 AM

Signs still up

I was told that ALL the campaign signs are to be removed by now, one week after the election. The people in the run off are to remove their signs also. Then closer to the run-off voting, they can put them back up. There are many signs that are still in your face of the people that lost and the people that won.

Mr. Caldwell is in the run off, but I don't see one of his signs. He asked people that had his signs in their yards to remove them, until closer to the run-off voting.

If your candidate is so irresponsible as to not have their signs removed, is that the person you want to represent you in office? Remember their names in the next election.

Faye Blackwood

Chapel Hill

Children’s Store very much alive

In the May 4 Chapel Hill News article about Roses, you stated that many popular stores including The Children's Store in University Mall had “fallen by the wayside.” I want to make sure that your readers know that the store, which has been providing toys to Chapel Hillians for more than 30 years, is very much still alive, although it is now located at 243 S. Elliott Road in Chapel Hill. It is open for business and remains an important locally owned business serving Chapel Hill families.

Thank you very much,

Dan Broun

Chapel Hill

Editor’s note: A correction ran in Wednesday’s paper. We regret the error.

Sticker shot

I saw a bumper sticker reading “FPG Bilingle.” I'm assuming the writer meant “bilingual.” If this is an ad for a school program, the inference is that English isn’t one of the languages!

Dana Mochel


Freedom to get fired

In response to a letter from Larry Cobb entitled “Protecting Privacy” that appeared in last Sunday's Chapel Hill News:

Mr. Cobb seems to be mixing two separate issues:

1. Were the statements Donald Sterling made obtained legally (privacy issue)? I don’t have information to have an opinion.

2. Does Donald Sterling have the right to make racist remarks protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution? He does. And he was not arrested for his statements, because he did not break the law. That doesn’t mean there might not be consequences. What happened to Donald Sterling is along the same lines of someone calling a coworker a racial epithet – you won't get arrested, but in all likelihood you will be fired.

Freedom of speech means you can’t be arrested for your ideas; it does not mean freedom from consequences.

Jim Suiter


Embassy attacks

Chapel Hill House Speaker John Boehner proposes to create a select committee to investigate the “scandal” of Benghazi. I believe that Boehner should also form select committees to investigate each of the 13 embassy attacks which occurred under President George W. Bush, resulting in the deaths of 71 Americans.

These attacks occurred at American embassies in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Syria, Greece, Turkey and Yemen, between Jan. 22, 2002 and Sept. 17, 2008. Somehow, I don’t recall Fox News giving wall-to-wall coverage to these deadly attacks on our embassies under President Bush, or accusing President Bush of a “cover-up” or a “conspiracy.” We need to spend millions of dollars on a partisan witch hunt on each of these incidents.

I also believe that these panels should also investigate why Republicans cut funding for embassy security by $300 million in 2012.

Ted Rueter

Chapel Hill

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