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June 3, 2014

Roses and raspberries, June 4

Roses from reader Melinda Abrams to 52 Carrboro High School students who demonstrated at the legislature last week to support their teachers.

Roses from reader Melinda Abrams to 52 Carrboro High School students who demonstrated at the legislature last week to support their teachers.

“I’m so proud,” Abrams writes. “They are so concerned about the exodus of great teachers from Carrboro that they came up with an idea, organized themselves, contacted TV stations, and found a way to get to Raleigh.”

“Each student held a sign saying, ‘I don’t want my teacher going to (fill in the blank) state. They used social media to get kids involved and to organize rides to Raleigh. They invited a few teachers to come and see them in action,” she continues. “(After) the event, we saw some tweets insinuating that the kids were coached or asked to do this by their teachers. This is not true. I want to reiterate that these High School students made it all happen. They made the signs. They spoke with the media. They spoke with legislators. They told adults what they were going to do and asked three to help with driving some of the non-drivers to Raleigh. They went AFTER school, as this was not a school function.

“Because I was one of the drivers, I had the privilege and honor to witness these young people take intiative and get involved in the civic process. They were poised. They were articulate. They are our futures leaders, and they have begun to have an impact.”

Roses from reader Sarah (Sally) Smith to Carrboro Public Works employees.

“I'm thankful to live in Carrboro!” Smith writes. “The streets superintendent, Chad, and Public Works employees, have been quick to do things that help us residents: removing fallen trees on the road, raking out ditches so water can flow, and mowing and weed eating our grassy borders. I want to send them Roses for all their help.”

Roses from reader Kim Tesoro of the Orange Community Players to owner Mark Bateman and the Hot Rin Roof in Hillsborough for helping local nonprofits raise needed money.

“I am the publicity chair for the Orange Community Players, and this is something we stumbled upon and are very excited about,” Tesoro writes. “The Hot Tin Roof is offering Monday night each week as Guest Bartender night to area nonprofit organizations. They have generously given all tips from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., as well as 10 percent of the night's total proceeds to these organizations.”

“Many local nonprofits have already benefitted including: OCIM (Mayor Tom Stevens bartended that night), the Rotary Club of Hillsborough, the Hillsborough/Orange Chamber of Commerce raised scholarship money, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to name a few,” she continues. “Hot Tin Roof owners have not limited this to just Hillsborough organizations, the UNC Center for Excellence and Eastern Alamance Athletic Department have also held fundraisers there.”

“It is my understanding that the owners have decided to extend the program across the summer, which means there are open dates now for other groups to utilize. I think the bar deserves recognition for implementing a program that has already positively impacted many in our community, and for deciding to continue to make this available.”

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