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August 1, 2014

Zhao doesn’t fold in Brompton competition

The Tour de France wasn’t the only international bicycle race taking place this summer.

The Tour de France wasn’t the only international bicycle race taking place this summer.

The Brompton World Championship saw 600 competitors from all over the world – including national winners from the United States – convene at Goodwood in the U.K., the world famous historic motor circuit.

Winning the U.S. championship and a trip to England on July 13 in Washington D.C., Travis Werts, of Nashville, and Anna Zhao, of Chapel Hill, traveled overseas to compete against other Brompton enthusiasts and national country title winners from around the world. Against a field of 600, both took top 20 finishing positions.

“Life is too short not to listen to live jazz, enjoy a gin and tonic in the sunshine and whiz round the historic Goodwood racetrack on your Brompton,” says managing director and competitor Will Butler-Adams, talking about the classic elements of the Brompton World Championship.

The Brompton World Championship weekend includes a set of three events: the Brompton Sprint, Brompton Meander and the hard fought Brompton World Championship – all with the competitors clad in a proper jacket and tie.

The eponymous Brompton is a folding bike, manufactured in West London.

The sprint tests riders’ ability to reach top speed from a standing start over a 500-meter distance.

Absent from the competition for a year, the Brompton Meander returned by popular demand and saw cyclists take a 26-kilometer, untimed and leisurely ride through the West Sussex countryside.

Finally, with 600 competitors racing a 15-kilometer circuit, the Brompton World Championship was a race for the books as riders started off Le Mans style, running to their folded bikes, unfolding them and speeding off around the track.

Given the informal, if not rather cavalier, nature of the events, it’s not too surprising to find out that final results had yet to be tallied as last week drew to a close.

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