Tigers win some top post-season honors in Big Eight

06/07/2014 12:00 AM

02/15/2015 11:26 AM

Big Eight baseball Pitcher of the Year Andrew Miller leads the local athletes named to the league's all-conference teams, which were released last week.

Other top honors won by Tigers included Colin Vilen as the conference's Male Runner of the Year and Issac Marsh as the top Track Coach of the Year.

Chapel Hill's Davis Boyle was named Assistant Soccer Coach of the year for his part in helping the Tigers win their first N.C. High School Athletics Association championships in girls soccer.

Miller, a junior left-hander, went 6-0 on the mound this spring and struck out 23 of the 211 batters he faced. He was named to the Big Eight's All-Conference baseball team for a second straight year after earning honorable mention his freshman year.

Miller was joined on the all-conference team by Tiger teammates Ian Templeton, Nick Hebert and Sam Sisk. Templeton was the lone CHHS senior named to the team, which bodes well for Chapel Hill after finishing at 14-9 in Lee Land's first year as Tiger head coach.

Brad Debo of Orange was named the Big Eight's Baseball Player of the Year. The Panthers went 14-0 in league games this year, with Debo leading the conference in batting average (.534) and runs batted in (38).

Earlier this spring, Vilen won both the 1600 and 3200 meter races in the Big Eight championship meet to pace Chapel Hill to the boys' team title. Last fall, he led Chapel Hill to the NCHSAA cross-country championship, and he'll run next season for Western Carolina University.

Marsh, in his 10th year as Chapel Hill's head football coach, took over in 2014 as head coach of the school's track and field team team, leading an experienced staff that included assistants such as former Olympian Joan Nesbit Mabe.

Marsh liked to joke that his chief skill was driving the team bus, but others on the team said his administrative experience was essential in binding together the group's widely disparate skills.

Despite splitting the Big Eight soccer championship with Cardinal Gibbons and going on to win the state championship, Chapel Hill was shut out from most of the league’s top soccer awards. Cardinal Gibbons's Morgan Reid was named Player of the Year; Cardinal Gibbons's Haley Glaser was named Goalkeeper of the Year and Cardinal Gibbons's Michele Miller was named Head Coach of the Year.

Chapel Hill's Alex Kimball , MVP of the NCHSAA 3A state championship game, was named all-state by the N.C. Soccer Coaches Association, and was joined on the all-state team by Chapel Hill senior defenders Megan Dell and Laura Sullivan.

Here's a list of all the Big Eight post-season honors:




Player of the Year: Brad Debo, Orange

Pitcher of the Year: Andrew Miller, Chapel Hill

Coach of the Year: Benji Nelson, Northern Vance

Sportsmanship Award: Oxford Webb High School


Orange: Brad Debo, Bryse Wilson, Jordan Toney, Joe Piscitelli, Collin Pope.

Cardinal Gibbons: Stephen Scott, Brandon Loy, Daniel Pedersen.

Cedar Ridge: Michael Burroughs, Chris Smith-Burks.

Chapel Hill: Ian Templeton, Andrew Miller, Nick Herbert, Sam Sisk.

Southern Durham: Joshua Bumgardner.

Northwood: Garrett Scott, Jacob Sipe, Trevor Hackney.

Northern Vance: Nate Arrington, Kevonte Hanks.

Webb: Taylor Williams.

Honorable Mention: Brian Nelson (CG), Noah Campbell (CG), Larry Stephens (SD), Devin Watkins (So. Durham), Conner Leinbach (NW), Zach Keeton (Webb), Kale Boone (Northern Vance), Matt Crabtree (OHS), Eric Compton (OHS), James Cunningham (OHS).


Player of the Year: Charles Swoboda, Cardinal Gibbons

Coach of the Year: Robert Guzzo, Cardinal Gibbons

Sportsmanship Award: Cedar Ridge High School


Cardinal Gibbons: Charles Swoboda, Nicholas Rucinski, Cole Curis, Andrew Sebastiani, Cameron Delahunty.

Cedar Ridge: Ben Braxton.

Chapel Hill: David Cho.

Northern Vance: Tommy Alacardi, Johnny Byrom.

Northwood: C. Denny, D. Wells, S. Clarke.


Offensive Player of the Year: Gannon Morrison. Cardinal Gibbons

defensive Player of the Year: Chris Lappin, Cardinal Gibbons

Coach of the Year: Kevin McDaniel, Northwood

Sportsmanship Award: Orange High School


Cardinal Gibbons: Steven Albright, Face-Offs; Kevin McHendry, GK; Chris Lappin, defense, Matt Bowen, defense; Jack Prevost, defense; Robert Lavelle, midfield; Daniel Geiger, midfield; Chad Snyder, midfield; Gannon Morrison, attack; Mark Schachte, Attack; Hunter Van Horn, Attack.

Chapel Hill: Brett Buchman - Face-Offs; Grant Deselm, LSM; Anders Haaland, Goalie; Noah Layden, defense; Peter Norwood, midfield; Paul Miller, Attack.

Orange: Dylan McKinnon, GK; Daniel Allred, defense; James Harward, midfield; Bowen Collins, Attack.

Cedar Ridge: Cole Churchill, defense; Graham Tobin, midfield; Jeffrey Williams, Attack.

Northwood: Jack Dalton, defense; Rob Hamlet, midfield; Tyler Romel, midfield; Wesley Meyer, Attack

Honorable Mention:

Jacob Birkhead, GK (OHS); Dylan Livingston, GK (CR); Wesley Roberson, defense (Nwd); Adam Reynolds, attack (OHS); Zach Wright, Face-Offs (OHS).


Player of the Year: Morgan Reid, Cardinal Gibbons

Goalkeeper of the Year: Haley Glaser, Cardinal Gibbons

Coach of the Year: Michele Miller, Cardinal Gibbons

Assistant Coach of the Year: Davis Boyle, Chapel Hill

Sportsmanship Award: Orange High School

Athletic Director Award: Melissa Knight, Orange County Schools


Chapel Hill: Alex Kimball, Sr., forward Megan Dell, Sr., defense Laura Sullivan, Sr., defense Francis Reuland, Sr., MF. Sofie Nielson, Sr., MF. Mia Spencer, Jr., MF.

Cardinal Gibbons: Morgan Reid, Jr., MF, Megan Goudy, Jr., defense Calleigh West, Sr., forward Zoe Crabtree, Jr., MF. Haley Glaser, GK.

Cedar Ridge: Alexis Zielke, Jr., forward Colette Cambey, So., forward Calli Rountree, Jr., defense.

Northern Vance: Hannah Burges, Jr., defense.

Southern Durham: Maria Campos, Sr., defense Keir Witherspoon, Soph., GK.

Northwood: Jamie Palermo, Jr., MF. Hailey Pister, Sr., forward; Paige Marrow, So., MF. Dana Walker, Sr., defense.

Orange: Megan Joyner, Jr., defense Rachel Shinnick, Jr. Midfield.

Webb: Elizabeth Grisham, Soph., forward; Carla Pike, GK.

Honorable Mention: Carly Narotski, Sr., midfield (CHHS); Natala Phillips, Sr., defense, (OHS); Natalie Chandler, Fr., defense (OHS); Armani Grillio, Jr., forward (W); Kamaria Kaalund, So., forward (W); Michaela Rathbone, Jr., midfield (W); Katie Ascue, So., defense (W); AJ Winborne, Jr., midfield (W); Lauren Magdefrau, Sr., midfield (CG); Meredith Stevenson, Jr., defense (NV); Stephanie Garcia, Sr., midfield (NV); Holly Hilliard, Fr., defense (NV); Olivia Plancarte, Sr., forward (SD); Jenniffer Paulino, Sr., midfield (SD); Daija Davis, Jr., midfield (SD); Ayanna Walker, Fr., forward (SD); Ariel Glosson, Fr., midfield (Nwd); Briana Campbell, Sr., forward (CR); Gabby Gerlach, Sr., midfield (CR); Micaela Jackson, Jr., midfield (CR)

All-Region Team

Morgan Reid, MF (CG)

Alex Kimball, F (CHHS)

Megan Dell, D (CHHS)

Megan Goudy, D (CG)

Laura Sullivan, D (CHHS)

Frances Reuland, MF (CHHS)

Jamie Palermo, MF (Nwd)

Calleigh West, F (CG)

Haley Glaser, GK (CG)

Alexis Zielke, F (CR)

Hailey Pister, F (Nwd)

Megan Joyner, D (OHS)

Rachel Shinnick, MF (OHS)

Zoe Crabtree, MF (CG)

Paige Morrow, MF (Nwd)

Hannah Burgess, D (NV)

Kirstie King, F, (Terry Sanford)

Maria Campos, D, (SD)

Laurynn Ansteder, F. (Sou. Lee)

Carla Pike, GK, (Webb)

Calli Rountree, D (CR)

Regional Coach of the Year: Michele Miller


(N.C. Soccer Coaches association)

Megan Dell , Sr , D , Chapel Hill

Alex Kimball , Sr , F , Chapel Hill

Laura Sullivan , Sr , D , Chapel Hill

Chandler Arrowood , Sr , F , Weddington

Nicole Bracey , Jr , M , Northern Guilford

Claire Cabaniss , Sr , F , Burns

Grayson Cameron , So. , K , Hickory

Katie Causey , Sr , M , Swansboro

Kaitlyn Fletcher , Sr , D , Jacksonville

Morgan Goff , So , F , Triton

Megan Goudy , Jr , D , Cardinal Gibbons

Morgan Reid , Sr , M , Cardinal Gibbons

Amanda Hall , Sr. , M , Saint Stephens

Mary Kate Helms , Jr , K , White Oak

Jessie Herfurth , Sr. , D , Hickory

Emily Hilliard , So , M , Weddington

Natalie Johnson , Sr , M , Havelock

Zoe Lewis , Jr , F , AC Reynolds

Megan McCallister , Jr , F , AC Reynolds

Kim Moore , Jr , F , Swansboro

Kiersten Peck , Sr , D , Sun Valley

Katie Stokley , Jr , M , Fike

Ellie Stone , Jr , D , Asheville

Maggie Wadsworth , So , D , Weddington

Haley Westervelt , Jr , M , Central Davidson

Hailey Wright , Jr. , D , South Iredell


Coach of the Year: Andrew Tuttle, Cardinal Gibbons

Player of the Year: Robert Kelly, Cardinal Gibbons

Sportsmanship Award: Orange High School

All Conference

Cardinal Gibbons: Robert Kelly; Matt Galush; Noah Constantine; Jim Mantyh; Brody Chapman.

Chapel Hill: Chris Chang; Bryan Zhang; Ryan Bradley; Jared Weber.

Cedar Ridge: Zac Marion; Isaac Lutz.

Northwood: Zafer Estill

Orange: Jaden Vines; Jabari Hargrove

Honorable mention: David Mirzoyan (CHHS); Kyler Zadell (CG); Kyle Fitzgerald (CG); Austin Blondell (CG); Brandon Phares (CR); Peyton Pappas (CR).


Field Events Athlete of the Year: Kacia Vines, Cedar Ridge

Runner of the Year: Rainesha Taylor, Webb

Coach of the Year: Nicholas Mangum, Cardinal Gibbons

Sportsmanship Award: Webb


100 Meter: Alex Council (Nwd); Rainesha Taylor (Webb).

200 Meter: Kacia Vines (CR); Alex Council (Nwd).

400 Meter ash: Kacia Vines (CR); Glandra Jolly (Webb).

800 Meter: Anna Passannante (CHHS); Sophie Ebihara (CG).

1600 Meter: Mary Grace Doggett (CG); Sophie Ebihara (CG).

3200 Meter: Mary Grace Doggett (CG); Meghan Vaughn (CG).

100 Meter Hurdles: Kayla Gandy (CG); Morgan Efland (OHS).

300 Meter Hurdles: Kayla Gandy (CG); Diamond Nowell (SD).

4 x 100 Meter Relay: Cardinal Gibbons - Elissa Sutherland; Kayla Gandy; Zachyre Lane; Mallory Barrett.

4 x 200 Meter Relay: Webb - Precious Battle; Lora Puryear; Glandra Jolly; Rainesha Taylor.

4 x 400 Meter Relay: Webb - Ajani Johnson; Lora Puryear; Glandra Jolly; Rainesha Taylor.

4 x 800 Meter Relay: Cardinal Gibbons - Annie Pierce; Abby Doyle; Kayla Bassett; Kat Baker.)

High Jump: Kacia Vines (CR); Paige Timothy (CHHS)

Pole Vault: Sofia San Miguel (CG); Tessa Sheets (Nwd).

Long Jump: Kacia Vines (CR); Quinece Fish (CHHS)

Triple Jump: Quinece Fish (CHHS); Deja Johnson (OHS).

Shot Put: Mia Terry (Webb); Jalisa Morton (Webb).

Discus: Mia Terry (Webb); Christine Hill (CR).


Field Events Athlete of the Year: Alex Ives, Cedar Ridge

Runner of the Year: Collin Vilen, Chapel Hill

Coach of the Year: Isaac Marsh, Chapel Hill

Sportsmanship Award: Cedar Ridge High school


100 Meter: William Cameron (SD); Tyrrick Bullock (NV).

200 Meter: Imoh Udoh (Nwd); Tyrrick Bullock (NV).

400 Meter: Kahlil Brown (W); Harrison Young (CHHS).

800 Meter: Noah Hanley (CR); Tristan Cochran (Nwd).

1600 Meter: Collin Vilen (CHHS); Drew Roeber (CHHS).

3200 Meter: Collin Vilen (CHHS); J.T. Klimek (CG).

110 Meter Hurdles: Jonathan Hall (CR); Jeffrey Jones (NV).

300 Meter Hurdles: Jonathan Hall (CR); Jeffrey Jones (NV).

4 x 100 Meter Relay: Northern Vance - Devin Anderson; Tamaj Bullock; Tyrrick Bullock; Michael Spinner.

4 x 200 Meter Relay: Northern Vance - Devin Anderson; Tamaj Bullock; Tyrrick Bullock; Michael Spinner.

4 x 400 Meter Relay: Chapel Hill - Drew Roeber; Max Blackburn; James Barnett; Harrison Young.

4 x 800 Meter Relay: Cedar Ridge - Jared Buddington; Nate Merrill; Patrick Fallon; Noah Hanley.

High Jump: Albert Nyamayaro (CHHS); Kendall Hinton (SD).

Pole Vault: Jack Maynard (Nwd); Dillon Kopec (CHHS)

Long Jump: Imoh Udoh (Nwd); Darryl Smith (SD)

Triple Jump: Darius Cole (Nwd); Quavon Harris (NV)

Shot Put: Harvon Allison (CR); Tevin Evans (W)

Discus: Alex Ives (CR); Jecori Owens-Shuler (CHHS)

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