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June 24, 2014

It was nothing personal, really

Apparently some of my recent remarks struck a few nerves.

Apparently some of my recent remarks struck a few nerves.

The column about school administrators who duck questions from the public ( Info delayed is info denied, CHN, June 18) drew mostly favorable responses. At least the ones directed to me were favorable. Most encouraged me to pursue this matter further.

The column purposely did not mention specific names, or even specific schools. This led some readers to infer they were the subject of criticism.

This is a bit like the Groucho Marx line about “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member. If you’re sensitive enough to worry about failing the public, you’re probably not failing.

And if you’ve been in the habit of returning phone calls, replying to emails and generally answering requests for information, then you’re doing fine.

My criticism was not about one or two lapses in etiquette. The criticism concerned a systematic, determined, unresponsive attitude by some educators – what one teacher referred to as a “bunker mentality” by some supervisors.

Portugal wins 2-2

Yes, I know that, on paper, the USA’s 2-2 tie with Portugal leaves the national team with decent chances of advancing in soccer’s World Cup. And, yes, Portugal was favored in the game, since FIFA ranked it No. 4 in the world and the USA at No. 13. So a draw seems good for the U.S.

But Sunday’s tie really stung.

Especially since the USA led 2-1 with 30 seconds left.

Anyone who witnessed the infamous football game in 1968 where “Harvard beat Yale 29-29” knows that there are ties and then there are ... ugh, ties.

More coaching changes

With four new coaches named last week for local high schools, more coaching announcements will soon be on the way.

At least one major decisions remains to be made this summer. East Chapel Hill High School needs a successor for erstwhile football head coach Jon Sherman.

East Chapel Hill athletics director Ray Hartsfield and principal Eileen Tully are both aware Sherman's replacement, necessitated by his starting another coaching job this month, is urgent. Sherman agonized about whether to stay at East or go home to Fayetteville, and he made his decision late in the cycle, which left East scrambling.

N.C. high school football players already are in summer workouts. Many want to take part in 7-v-7 football tournaments, which can be problematic for a program without a coach.

Carrboro also is still looking to fill several assistant positions. That’s no small thing.

The local schools would like to have all these positions filled by July 1.

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