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May 9, 2014

Your letters, May 9

Two Blackgum trees discussed their views

The skyscraper

Two Blackgum trees discussed their views

In Durham’s plaza where

A rumor of a skyscraper

Was drifting through the air.

One asked, What kind of careless plan

Has come up with this scheme

To shade us from our brother sun

Thus limiting his beam.

Were we not planted here to thrive

Far from our forest home

To give relief from city stress

And brighten up this zone?

Her sister tree agreed and said

It feels like arrogance

This human thrusting in the sky

With concrete, steel and glass.

Could Durham not prove different

Than Raleigh and the rest

Of adolescent urban towns

with towers so obsessed?

The former tree then sighed and said

We’ve seen it all before

These Babel building mortals want

A name for evermore.

A shiny crystal skyscraper

Will certainly entice

The Nimrods of investment to

Rebuild their Paradise,

Of ever flowing asphalt streams

And fields of parking deck

Mighty men in business suits

With bows of higher tech.

And then her sylvan sister said

One thing still troubles me

Our proud Tree City Flag unfurled

At Plaza CCB.

Will it not be eclipsed by their

Skyscraper cleverness

And fail to rally energy

For our green consciousness?

A gentle breeze blew through the leaves

Of those fair Blackgum trees

And carried forth their ponderings

To those with sympathies ...

Riverdave Owen


Marriage movie

Durham Cinematheque will present Movies in the Park again this summer, and the first show is Friday, May 30.

This program is called “You Want to Get Married? REALLY??”

Some people in Durham are married to Durham, and some people are married to other people. Other people don't even want to flirt with the idea. This film program does not take a stand one way or the other, it just stands back and looks at the way things used to be. Archival films, old television commercials and other bits of cinematic flotsam and jetsam tell the story.

The show starts at 9 p.m. on the hill in Durham Central Park. Come early and picnic. Admission is free, and we pass the hat vigorously. Bring your own chair or blanket. Bad weather will postpone the show, but we do not expect that to happen.

The next show, “Around the World in 80 Minutes with Musical Interludes,” is Saturday, July 5.

Durham Cinematheque would like to thank Vaguely Reminiscent on Ninth Street for their loyal support of Movies in the Park.

Tom Whiteside


Teacher contracts unfair

Re “Judge halts new state mandated teacher contracts in Guilford, Durham counties” (N&O, April 23)

This new law is completely unfair. It hurts teachers and public education.

As a parent of a teacher, I resent the General Assembly’s assumption that only 25 percent of teachers are “worthy” of extended contracts and raises. Teachers are not given career status, they earn that status.

This is another example of where the General Assembly has passed laws that hurt North Carolina’s ability to attract and retain highly effective teachers.

Les Linthicum

via newsobserver.com

What tenure means

Any complainer about “liberal” judges, needs to investigate just what “tenure” means in terms of public school teachers.

It’s really just a fair hearing to ensure that “politics” is not involved in the decision to challenge a teacher’s abilities in the classroom.

Arnold Hamm

via newsobserver.com

Republican games

So for an extra $10 per week, teachers are supposed to give up job security, while North Carolina pumps $4,200 per year (in lost tax revenue) into private schools per student?

I smell Republicans at play here ...

Charlie Trig

via newsobserver.com

Give teachers raise, give parents choice

All teachers deserve a raise, not just 25 percent of teachers, since there has been no cost of living raise nor any incremental raise based on experience for teachers for years.

However, I am in favor of parents having choice and the ability to use some of their tax dollars to help fund alternative educational settings for their children.

Karen Elizabeth Hunt-Maddry


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