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Telling our stories

I am writing to thank you for publishing the piece from Wanda Boone (“Yes, Heaven is real,” DN, May 11,

One is always skeptical of such accounts, as am I, even having sent to your newspaper my own similar experience in a letter you published a while back.

But while I am skeptical, even of the significance I attach to my own experience, and the similar experiences of others, I think we as a society need to hear more about such experiences, and I would wager that the more these are brought to the public, whether as published letters or just conversation between friends and acquaintances, the more likely others will risk the skepticism, even derision, to tell their stories.

We will all be the richer for contemplating them.

Randy Hamilton


Park closing shameful

The closing of Long Meadow Park located in a low-wealth community should have never occurred.

If the pool was in disarray it should have been repaired last year.

It is unfortunate that low-wealth communities always suffer at the hand of city administration, yet Parks and Recreation is requesting funds to pursue more land.

Parks and Recreation has closed two recreation centers in Northeast Central Durham rather than repair and bring them up to code and operational for the community.

No additional city taxpayers’ money should be given to Parks and Recreation to acquire more land since it is oblivious they are not equipped to keep park properties up to code and functional in low-wealth communities.

It seems to me that the Parks & Recreation Department needs a complete overhaul as to their inability to keep park facilities in operational condition.

Where will the children that live in Northeast Central Durham enjoy their summer? They will not have funds to travel to other park facilities in the city. Will Parks and Recreation provide free transportation to other park facilities?

It is shame and disgrace that this has happen in a low-wealth community.

Vivian McCoy


Waiting for the day

The Wake County Register of Deeds made a compelling case in her letter “Following the laws” (N&O, May 7).

However, her argument loses its significance when compared with thousands of committed same-sex couples who continue to be denied civil rights. Laura Riddick’s views could easily be applied to other previous historical battles for civil rights – slavery, suffrage, apartheid, religious freedoms, to name only a few.

Riddick bemoans the time and money spent to fight these injustices, but consider the time and taxpayer money spent by governments to initiate and maintain them. The reason we have a Constitution is to guarantee that civil rights are applied equally to all.

Once same-sex couples are granted marriage equality in N.C., as they have been federally, Riddick undoubtedly will be able to get back to her job and not feel so much “unnecessary conflict.”

Barb Goldstein


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