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June 6, 2014

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Want to clean up college athletics? Here’s how:

College athletics 101

Want to clean up college athletics? Here’s how:

1. No special admissions for athletes – they must be admitted or not based on their academic promise only, just like other students.

2. No athletic scholarships, period. Need-based or academics-based, sure, but that’s all. Do you see kids getting free passes to baseball camp because they are good at math?

3. No scouting or recruiting of high school kids. If you have a good program, they will come.

4. Coaches salaries in line with the pay for professors, with no bonuses, incentives or perks.

5. No corporate involvement at all – no Nike or Gatorade logos, no ads at the stadium or court, no free gear.

6. No special classes or tutoring for athletes. No special facilities, dining rooms, or parking spots, and no special dispensation from class requirements that would not be granted to any other student.

7. No special booster groups like Iron Dukes or Rams Club. Season tickets at reasonable prices by lottery.

8. Income from TV and other media goes to the university, not the athletic department,

I won’t hold my breath, there are too many vested interests and too many dollars involved. Things will go on as always, with application of an occasional band aid that does nothing to fix the underlying problems. It’s a real shame.

Peter Aitken

Chapel Hill

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