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Gunshot complacency

Re: In Tract 10.01, there’s more to the story than ‘poverty’ (DN, July 2, )

You are right, there is more going on than poverty. The increase in activity of gangs and gun violence in the last two months specifically in the Old East Durham neighborhood is alarming. And, I'm surprised more wasn't spoken of it in this article.

In the last two months there have been multiple incidents of gun violence in the Driver St/Main Street cross section. Multiple houses were hit, one in which two bullets entered a room where the children were sleeping. A neighbor of mine was shot just last week in broad daylight – caught in the cross fire. Additionally in the broader area of Old East Durham two men have died in the past two months from gunfire – one incident was reported as random.

Maybe poverty isn't an issue, but there is a HUGE issue with guns, crime, and focus on this area of Durham. After living in this neighborhood for two years, I can attest that the sense of community and support from neighbors is strong. But it's easy to become complacent when you hear gunshots week after week. Unless it happens to you, then life goes unphased. “That's happening over there.” But actually, it's happening right under our noses. It's happening less than a block away from a brand new $10 million school where hundreds of children attend daily, it's happening to families, and to neighbors.

I don't know that a focus on poverty, planting berry bushes, or saying hello to your neighbor is going to stop the violence. We have to address it head on if we want to get the guns off the streets.

Carey Kirk Griffin


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