Fourth of July passes quietly for police in eastern Wake County

07/15/2014 2:11 PM

07/15/2014 2:12 PM

For police departments in eastern Wake County, the Fourth of July passed without any major incidents related to the holiday.

In Knightdale, Capt. Jacqui Boykin said the department was called upon a few times at the town’s first Fourth of July celebration to help locate missing children.

Usually, those situations resolved themselves quickly and without police assistance, she said.

“In the time it took to walk to one section of the park to the other, the child was found,” Boykin said.

Other than being on hand just in case, Knightdale police were on duty to help direct over 7,000 vehicles from around Knightdale Station Park and the shuttle station near Knightdale High School.

Boykin said the town was prepared, though, and most of the congestion was relieved in 45 minutes. To prepare, they talked with officials at the town of Rolesville, which has handled similar events.

This was Knightdale’s first event of its kind and Boykin’s first major event as police captain since she took her position on June 2.

“I was very pleasantly surprised that we didn’t have any situations we had to respond to in a law enforcement capacity,” she said.

The only arrest Knightdale police made on July 4 was for driving without a license or registration, around 8 p.m., while the Fourth of July celebration was still going on.

Wendell had a similar experience, although they had less traffic to direct.

Police Chief Bill Carter said the holiday seemed to be fairly uneventful for the police department.

There was one arrest made around 5 p.m., a few hours after the town’s parade and festivities ended. It was for possession with intent to distribute or sell marijuana.

Beside that arrest, Carter said the day was quiet for the department, although he heard residents had more fun at the parade.

“Everybody had a good time … it was a good weekend,” he said.

Zebulon, which is host to the Carolina Mudcats annual fireworks display, had no reported arrests on the Fourth of July.

Town commissioner Don Bumgarner, noted the department’s presence at the Friday night ball game.

“Everywhere I looked, I saw one of our officers. You really had it covered well, both inside the stadim and outside,” Bumgarner told police Chief Tim Hayworth at Monday night’s town board meeting.

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