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July 29, 2014

Freshman camp to prepare incoming Knightdale High freshmen

There are some things that are just better to know prior to your first day on campus as a high school freshman.

There are some things that are just better to know prior to your first day on campus as a high school freshman.

Where’s the cafeteria? Where’s the right locker? Will there be enough time to get from second period to third? Where is third period?

“What an overwhelming day for all of us, that first day of high school,” said first-year Knightdale High School Principal Jim Argent. “I’m pretty sure everyone in eastern Wake County would tell you they remember what it was like.”

Argent, the former chief at Lake Myra Elementary, and his staff want to make sure incoming freshman are ready when the big day arrives. He says a freshman camp set for Thursday, Aug. 7, will give Knightdale’s newest students a chance to learn the school, and let the school learn more about its newest students.

“It’s really important any time you have kids transition to a new level you offer an opportunity for the kids to get comfortable with the culture of the school,” Argent said. “That’s a really important part of our vision as an administrative team is how connected is each kid to the school community.”

The camp will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will allow students to meet other incoming freshmen, pick up schedules, tour the Knightdale campus and essentially serve as an icebreaker.

Registration is scheduled for 8-8:30 in the school lobby, welcoming remarks and introductions from 8:30-9 in the auditorium and breakout sessions from 9-11:30. Refreshments will be available during a break and open house for clubs and athletic teams from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the camp will wind down with schedule pick-up from 1-4. Student IDs and lockers will also be issued during the final session.

A parent session with Argent will cover success tips and other tools and resources. It is expected to conclude by 9:30 a.m., at which time parents can leave and return to pick up their children as early as 11:30.

The five breakout sessions for students will cover topics including time management, team building, graduation requirements, clubs and activities at Knightdale and policies and procedures.

“We want to know what students are interested in – we’ll be doing a survey that day – and we want them to know what opportunities for clubs and teams are available at the school where they can make connections,” said Assistant Principal Ryan Rosendahl, who is organizing the camp.

“High school is very different than middle school. ... We want them to be aware of the building so they know where things are and aren’t scared.”

Students can pre-register for the camp by visiting the Knightdale High School website and scrolling down to the camp listing on the home page.

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