Wendell commissioners distance themselves from email

08/01/2014 3:13 PM

08/01/2014 3:15 PM

Town commissioners say they don’t agree with a message Mayor Tim Hinnant sent last week in response to a memo from town staff.

That memo, from Planning Director David Bergmark, explained that members of the town’s Economic Development Committee had asked to see changes made to the town’s Unified Development Ordinance. That’s the document that spells out the town’s land use rules.

In his response, written in nearly all caps, Hinnant said the EDC was overreaching. “Just remember the BOARD DOES NOT REPORT TO THE EDC NOR IS THIS THRRE (sic) MISSION,” Hinnant wrote. He went on to say that a review of the UDO would go through the planning board if commissioners decide they want advice on the document.

Asked Monday night about Hinnant’s email, two commissioners said they didn’t think the town should reject feedback from the EDC.

“I think we want to get feedback from everybody. It doesn’t matter who offers it,” said Commissioner Sam Laughery, who said he had not seen Hinnant’s email until he was shown a copy by a reporter.

Mayor pro tem James Parham chuckled when asked about the mayor’s comments.

“In order to do what we’re trying to do, commissioners can’t just listen to one group and not another,” Parham said.

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