Spill sends 76,000 gallons of sewage toward Mingo Creek

05/13/2014 10:26 AM

02/15/2015 11:19 AM

The City of Raleigh is set to finish cleanup today after a sewer overflow 7526 Knightdale Boulevard had 76,200 gallons of waste flowing into a tributary of Mingo Creek Monday night.

A resident called the city around 5 p.m. to report the overflow and Raleigh staff stopped the overflow by 9 p.m.

The inoperable valve that caused the overflow was replaced and the Raleigh Department of Public Utilities is investigating the line for further damage.

The overflow went on for five days, which is significantly longer than most overflows in the area, said Raleigh’s Assistant Public Utilities Director T.J. Lynch.


He said the volume of waste making its way to Mingo Creek could have easily been avoided if the overflow had been discovered earlier.

“If it was just 24 hours, it would’ve been one-fifth of what it is,” he said.

In some of the areas that purchase utilities from Raleigh, like Knightdale, there are smaller systems that are low-pressure, Lynch said. In addition to the structural difference, some of those systems often run into woods or more rural areas which people don’t frequent, which is why some overflows can last longer than others.

“Sometimes they’re hard to had to find,” Lynch said. “This is a very small system in Knightdale (and) it ran for five days because nobody looked at it.”

Lynch said the Department of Public Utilities has a rewards program and any resident that reports an overflow can receive $50.

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