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June 24, 2014

Knightdale unveils new town logo

After eight months and about $68,000, Knightdale revealed its complete branding initiative, which included a new town logo, colors and other marketing materials last week.

After eight months and about $68,000, Knightdale officials revealed the town’s complete branding initiative, which includes a new town logo, colors and other marketing materials.

The town hosted a special meeting June for town officials to see the completed materials and debuted visual materials to the public at the Knightdale Business Expo last Tuesday.

The new town logo features an abstract ‘K,’ made out of triangles in light blue, orange and green. It’s paired with the words “Knightdale: Start Something,” a phrase that can be manipulated to highlight a feature of the town, said North Star Destinations Strategies’ consultant Kelley Brackett.

Brackett worked with Knightdale through the entire branding process that began last year.

North Star explained different aspects of the K, which is meant to become a clear marker for the town: It’s made out of triangles pointing east (or left when on paper) to remind people of it’s location in the Triangle and the K is highlighted because it’s the only municipality in the county with a name that starts with that letter.

Brackett also shared the town’s ‘brand narrative,’ a few paragraphs the town can use in marketing materials to describe itself.

She said Knightdale was “custom-made for beginnings,” with it’s affordable housing and young median age. North Star also identified the town as being young, active and upwardly mobile, where “people ... don’t know the meaning of ‘no’ or ‘can’t be done.”

Using new branding information

The town logo does not take the place of design elements the town already uses on official government documents. Communications Director Brian Bowman said the town seal, which is on official town documents, will stay the same and the logo created by North Star will be for marketing purposes, like creating ads or a digital presence.

North Star also provided the town with print advertisement templates, a new webpage design and a guide on how and when to use the new visualizations.

In addition to the visualizations, the branding also included a research phase so the town could have a more clear idea of who is living in the town and what those residents want.

“(Branding) is holding up a mirror to your community and seeing what you’re good at,” Bowman said.

In research presented in December, North Star found residents liked the affordability of housing in Knightdale and the town’s proximity to Raleigh. Residents also praised parks and recreation offerings and the recently closed Knightdale Seafood and BBQ.

The research also highlighted things the town needs to work on, like providing more high-end housing and entertainment options and improving the town’s schools.

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