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May 23, 2014

Five Minutes With... Juliana Moore

The high school senior combines two of her favorite things – hockey and photography – to make a promising career.

High school senior Juliana Moore combines two of her favorite things – hockey and photography – to make a promising career.

Q: As a senior in high school, you have the reputation of someone who works hard to save her pennies when there is something you want. Where do you work and what have you saved up for?

A: I have worked at the Zaxby’s in Knightdale for the last two years. I wanted to go on the school Europe trip last year but did not have the money so I started saving and was able to go. It was great. We toured Italy, Spain, Monaco and France. I have also been a hockey fan since I was little and I recently saved up enough money to buy a season ticket. I went to every home game this year.

Q: Are you able to work, go to hockey games, and keep up your grades as well?

A: Yes. I keep up my grades and I am a member of the National Honor Society.

Q: And not only are you a huge Hurricanes’ fan, but you are interested in making hockey a part of your career, correct?

A: My dream job would be to work in the NHL – I would love to be a photographer. Being a photographer for the NHL would be perfect. I went to a job fair in Dallas not long ago where I got to meet representatives from professional sports teams like the Mavericks, the Cowboys and the Dallas Stars (hockey). I talked to everyone about what it takes to work in the office for a professional sports team.

Q: You were in Dallas? Did your parents go with you?

A: No, I flew by myself. I have grandparents that live in the Dallas area and I went for the job fair and to tour a college. The job fair was great because there were representatives from a bunch of the minor and major league teams in Texas. It just so happens that while I was there, the Carolina Hurricanes were in town and I got to see them play.

Q: And photography is your main passion?

A: Yes, and I got a chance to take part in a photography workshop at a Hurricane practice recently. I was the yearbook editor this year at my school and our yearbook representative from Jostens is a good friend with the Hurricanes’ photographer. He had a workshop at one of the practices and showed us about what settings to use, how to change the lighting and stuff like that.

Q: And you have a special camera, I presume.

A: Yes, a Nikon D-3000 – I saved up for that too.

Q : What is it, in your opinion, that is so special about the Hurricanes?

A: I have been going to games ever since I was little. My dad worked for Pepsi and he would get tickets and we would all go (mom, along with two sisters). At first, I wasn’t that interested in hockey – only interested in the food. But then I really got into to it. Now, I just go by myself. I have people from my church who sit near me – we call ourselves the Hockey Family. I have also played soccer most of my life. I played it all four years in school. Hockey reminds me a little of soccer, except for the ice part, of course. I just like the atmosphere and the fellowship of the people around me at a hockey game. I know this sounds weird, but I also like the smell of the ice (laughing).

Q: You mentioned people from your church. Your faith is also important to you?

A: Yes, we went on a mission trip last year to Mexico and worked in an orphanage, and we also held a sports camp for the kids.”

Q: You are about to graduate and then you are off to school. Where are you going and what will be your major?

A: I am going to Liberty University and major in digital media broadcasting. Of course, I would like to work in the NHL but I also have a dream of covering the Olympics. I know while I am in college, I am going to miss some Carolina Hurricanes games – that is going to be tough.

Correspondent Dena Coward

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