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July 23, 2014

Editorial: Grants offer key opportunity

People in Knightdale and Zebulon stand to benefit significantly from added health resources.

People in Knightdale and Zebulon stand to benefit significantly from grants provided by the John Rex Endowment.

The funds – $210,000 for each town spread out over three years – will allow the two towns to create facilities to improve the quality of life for all residents.

In both towns, farmer’s markets played a key role in the grant applications. Knightdale leaders want residents to be able to get to their market. Zebulon officials want to establish a famer’s market.

It goes without saying that we all need access to a sound food supply and farmer’s markets have become a trusted resource for getting fresh-from-the-farm foodstuffs that come without additives and preservatives often found in processed foods.

The grant is also intended to serve what the Rex Endowment refers to as vulnerable populations.

A footbridge over the railroad tracks in Knightdale will allow residents to more safely walk to the Farmer’s Market which will be housed at the Knightdale Station Park. Folks who live on the south side of the railroad tracks are more likely than people in other parts of Knightdale not to have access to cars that can get them from place to place. That means walking becomes the preferred option.

In Zebulon, parts of the town have been declared food deserts because people can’t easily get to local grocery stores to buy their food. By establishing a market in the proper place in town, access will open up considerably for those folks and the town will have taken an important step in addressing a very real need for its residents.

We will watch with interest over the next few years as those funds are spent and the resources are created to improve the quality of life for residents in both those towns.

We see it as a real win for those communities.

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