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July 23, 2014

Editorial: All hail the new app

Technology allows us to communicate in so many more ways. But the technology isn’t worthwhile unless real people take advantage.

There’s a little bit of buzz over the new cell phone application – or app – that’s being developed in Wendell.

Residents recently took part in an informal, but decisive, vote on what the new app should be called.

By a slim margin, residents said they liked the name Tell Wendell.

The application is designed to take advantage of the way people communicate now. It’s no longer necessary to trudge down to town hall to register a complaint or point out an issue that town leaders may not be aware of. Email allows us to communicate from home or the office without lifting much more than a finger. And social media, accessed so much on mobile phones, means people can communicate with town leaders the moment the need arises.

Wendell is at the forefront in eastern Wake County when it comes to taking advantage of this technology. Knightdale is also working toward it.

But regardless of what town you call home, the technology being unveiled around the region is only as helpful as the people who take advantage of it.

Said another way, we need to make use of the service the town provides and let them know what we think. The app can be used to raise awareness of problems, but it can also be used to praise good work and competent services when they are provided. The way society works, it’s far more likely to be used to register complaints than to share praise, but town officials committed to improved customer service will appreciate any kind of feedback.

All too often, we operate under the assumption that government really doesn’t want to hear from the governed. In this case, though, they are working to make it easier – not harder – to hear from residents.

They can’t have anything to appreciate or respond to if no makes use of the device.

So be on the lookout for the new app when it debuts next month. Surf around in the app and take a look at the functions it provides.

Then, when you’re out and about in town, give it a whirl and let the town hear from you.

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