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August 8, 2014

Letter: Knightdale council made the right decision

Bicycle lanes would have only created a more dangerous roadway

Since the opinion in Sundays’ paper is not signed or residence listed, this person may not be a resident of Planters Walk or even Knightdale, but at least get the facts correct.

The primary opposition to the proposal was a concern for safety, and how this would create unsafe conditions. The Town Council informed us that they wanted to put the bike path in to reduce speeding, yet they are not putting in the bike paths on any other road within Knightdale, such as McKnight drive, which has many speeders and is a very dangerous road. Lynnwood Road would be the only road within Knightdale where the paths would be marked. Painted lines on the road will do nothing to stop speeding; only the visibility of police slows speeders down. If people want to speed they will speed. Even the Town Council admitted that putting in the turn lanes (painted lines) did not slow traffic as planned, so they are admitting that painted lines will not stop speeding.

The bike paths are not continuous, but disappear every 400 feet at each road cut, making the biker and cars merge. This is very dangerous, especially at the turning circle where the road narrows, turns to the right, and forces the bicyclist to cut in front of cars on the narrowed road. This is asking for injuries and maybe more. An avid Planters Walk biker, who bikes throughout Wake County, told the Council that this is dangerous and is a safety hazard.

This marking would take away turn lanes, and allow cars to be next to each other going in opposite directions. This doesn’t slow anyone down; all you have to do is travel on any two lane road to see that speeding still exists, even if the road is narrow.

Then they want to put parking at the greenway entrance on Lynnwood Road. This would have those parking there open their doors, remove items from their cars (including children and strollers), and walk to the greenway entrance in the road traffic lane. This is very dangerous, and at the same time reduces the width of the road, allowing that people will swerve into the oncoming lane to get around the people in the road. The people living on the west end of Planters Walk have their children walk to the pool and pass this parking area; we would have no idea who would be in those cars, waiting for children to walk by. This was a concern of families at the meeting.

All of the 700 Planters Walk homes were informed and were given the opportunity to be at the PW meeting, and the Town Council meetings, but only those concerned for safety took the time and effort to show up and give their opinions.

These are a few of the concerns of the residents of Planters Walk, and I applaud the council members who voted against the proposal, for seeing the possible safety issues, and doing what they need to do to represent the people. The mayor and the two council members pushing this proposal do not live in Planters Walk, have many other access points to the greenway closer to their subdivisions, have not performed a traffic study or can show how this helps or why it isn’t being done in other areas, but only in Planters Walk. How can any of this be a valuable asset to the community, and how can it benefit the 12,000 people of Knightdale with the 8 parking spaces to be provided?

Howard Warm


Editor’s note: The length limit was waived to permit a fuller response to the editorial.

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