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March 21, 2014

Editorial: Waiting for a mistake

The old Biblical adage encourages us to cast the first stone if we are without sin.

The old Biblical adage encourages us to cast the first stone if we are without sin.

If you tire of political campaigns quickly, here’s part of the reason.

Campaigns have devolved from politicians making promises and outlining their positions to mudslinging of the first order. Voters are deluged with every bad thing the other side can say about an opposing candidate.

For many of us the public denigration of one person by another, is painful to watch, regardless of how accurate the claims are.

The practice has grown to the point now that candidates employ staff to record all the public appearances of their opponents in an effort to catch the other guy in a misstep.

Those shenanigans have long been around in national races and even in races for governor.

Now we see them in relatively local races.

A representative of America Rising, a political action committee which leans toward Republicans, has tasked a person to follow state House candidate Brian Mountcastle in his bid to unseat Rep. Chris Malone.

Malone’s campaign didn’t directly involve itself in the decision to follow Mountcastle. But we are sure, at some point the PAC that pays the videographer will create and use the footage he collects in an effort to embarrass Mountcastle.

And, though it has not happened yet, we would not be surprised to learn at some point that Mountcastle’s campaign – or some like-minded politcal action committee – has employed its own shadowy videographer to capture Malone’s gaffs.

The truth is we are all human. We all make mistakes. We can and do make mistakes intentionally and we make them accidentally.

But the video camera doesn’t know the difference. And the political hacks interested in nothing more than winning an election don’t care about the difference.

Malone and Mountcastle are opponents in a politcal race. Regardless of which camp you fall into, it’s fair to say either candidate would be giving a lot of his time in service to the state and this region. That kind of effort doesn’t merit the kind of devious politcal campaign that has already started.

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