Editorial: An exciting opportunity

03/28/2014 2:19 PM

02/15/2015 10:45 AM

The effort by a Charlotte-area non-profit to locate a basketball camp in Knightdale sounds like an exciting opportunity.

Naismith Legacy Giving proposes to built a basketball campus on land donated by Wake Stone to the town of Knightdale. In addition to the two basketball facilities, the campus would also include housing for campers. The project is dependent on a grant from Wake County commissioners and, based on news reports, commissioners seem to like the plan.

According to presentation by Naismith representatives, the camp could attract more than 52,000 hotel stays per year – that’s parents who bring their child to a camp and want to catch games or practices when their child is on the court.

The campus would be set on 140 acres that Knightdale, which recently accepted the land as a gift from Wake Stone, would presumably continue to own.

When the camp is not in session, it offers other organizations addtional facilities to operate additional programming.

Taken together, all this spells more activity for the town of Knightdale and that’s almost always a good thing. Restaurants can expect more customers, other businesses can also expect to see additional traffic as well. Planners estimate the economic impact in Wake County at just over $12 million during the first seven years of operation.

County commissioners have heard presentations from all the organizations who want a piece of a $6 million pie. The Naismith project is asking for fully half that amount.

We hope commissioners will examine all the projects closely beyond just the public relations-type presentations they recieved earlier this month. We expect that additional review will distinctly show the Naismith project to be a sound investiment.

And in so doing, commissioners can help turn Knightdale into a true destination.

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