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May 16, 2014

Editorial: Relay just around the corner

Relay for Life is worthy of your time and your money. Won’t you give some of both?

The timing is hard to ignore.

Memorial Day, as it always does, falls on a Monday. The following Friday, Relay for Life volunteers will hit the track at Five County Stadium to raise money for cancer research. It’s a disease that still takes millions of lives each year.

And though Memorial Day is a time for honoring those who died in military service, the Relay for Life takes on its own Memorial Day characteristics at times.

Fortunately, though, Relay for Life is also about hope. And there’s a lot of that to go around. The number of cancer survivors grows every year. At the East Wake Relay for Life’s survivor dinner held recently, survivors were everywhere, making a crowd in a large room.

And they will be on hand at this year’s Relay for Life event, which is slated for May 30-31. One of the most inspiring moments of the entire event takes place at the very beginning of the Relay when survivors take the first lap around the track. It’s hard to watch than and not feel obligated to do a little more than you’ve ever done to help eliminate this disease.

So we encourage you to celebrate twice that week. Observe Memorial Day on May 26, but put a star on your calendar for May 30-31, too. Visit Five County Stadium and see just how hopeful our Relayers are that one day medical research will find a cure for cancer. And, the list of survivors will once again mushroom as more and more people beat back an awful illness. When you go, take your checkbook. Make a donation. Help these volunteers accomplish their fundraising goals.

But more importantly, show them, by your presence, that you appreciate the hard work they’ve put into this effort – not only for the survivors, but in memory of those who battled and lost.

The grass can wait. There will be other ball games to watch, other cookouts to attend. Relay for Life is a spectacle everyone ought to take in.

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