Letter: War deaths do serve a purpose

06/01/2014 1:56 AM

02/15/2015 11:24 AM

On Page 4A of this week’s edition, there was a piece called “Deaths serve no lasting purpose” This was a good article, ...until you got to the last paragraph. “Memories like those would make us want to search high and low for different alternatives” True. But then you had to go on to infuriate me, every patriotic American, and slap the face of everyone who gave their lives so you could print this: “A death in war, sadly, never serves a lasting purpose, no matter how noble the intentions are.”

If no one dies in the Revolution, we might still be British subjects, under their rule. If no one died defending our country in World War II, we might well be run by either the Japanese or the Germans. You really mean that no death served a lasting purpose? It is true that it deprived families of loved ones and I wish that were not the case, I really do. But to print this, especially on the week we celebrate, remember, and honor those who gave that last full measure of honor, is an affront to us all.

You are entitled to your opinion. So am I. But we had better thank those who serve for the right to do so.

Edgar Taylor


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