Editorial: Martha Martin’s legacy intact

06/20/2014 5:15 PM

06/20/2014 5:15 PM

Former Lockhart principal Martha Martin wanted students at the Knightdale school to have more opportunities to read. It was on her mind even as she was dying.

Now, just over a year after her death in 2013 from cancer, Martin is forever tied to the school she led and the love of reading she wanted to inspire in all children.

The media center at the school was formally named after Martin during a thoughtful ceremony at the school on June 7.

We believe it is a great way to honor a legacy that continues to benefit students through the donation of books to the Martha Martin Collection at the school.

We once heard another principal remark that just one person could transform a school from an average school to a great one.

Martin work and dedication to her students and her belief in the importance of reading are proof that her colleague was correct. One person can make a difference.

Martin did.

Now, you can too. The Martha Martin Collection is a living, breathing resource for students at Lockhart. It needs more donations to serve more students. It will always need more donations as books age and need replacing. Parents of students at the school and parents of children who attended the school, and even alumni who have now grown to adulthood can expand Martin’s legacy at the school by supporting the collection.

That’s how one person can make a difference. Imagine the difference Martin’s love of reading could make if residents of Knightdale and the rest of eastern Wake County decided hers was a legacy honorable enough to keep alive through a constant stream of donations.

It’s not too much to ask. A library book costs $10-$20, the cost of an inexpensive Christmas present.

But its impact on our community would be worth infintely more, much the way Martin’s impact on that school was worth more than one could assign a value to.

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