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June 27, 2014

Editorial: A wonderful getaway

The idea of a short canoe trip down the Little River sounds like a wonderful way to get away from it all.

The idea of a short canoe trip down the Little River sounds like a wonderful way to get away from it all.

First proposed by Zebulon Mayor Bob Matheny and now being promoted by Zebulon Parks and Recreation Director Greg Johnson, the Little River provides canoeists and kayakers with a quiet, unspoiled opportunity to commune with nature.

The project, which would have terminal ends at Little River Park in Zebulon and at the bridge that commonly divides Wendell and Zebulon, would offer a chance for both towns to work together on a unique project that could draw visitors from further away than just eastern Wake County.

And best of all, it’s not another ball field or sports team. Not that you can have too many ball teams, but there is a decided emphasis on such programs in area parks and recreation programs. A boating trail would attract another kind of person and provide a diversion that allows participants the chance to see something most of us have never seen: a view of eastern Wake County from the water.

Johnson figures it would take several years and a fair amount of money and volunteer labor to make that stretch of river an appealing trail. But we believe it’s an effort worth undertaking.

When the town of Wendell gets around to naming its new parks and recreation director, that person will have a built-in opportunity to work with his or her neighbors in producing an asset that many communities simply do not have.

As we have seen in other regions of the state and Triangle, greenways are growing in popularity. People like the opportunity to get outside and commune with nature, away from the dull buzz of traffic, crosswalks and concrete.

Wendell and Zebulon have yet to invest in any significant efforts to create a walking greenway that leads in much more than a circle, but geography has blessed both towns with an opportunity to strike parks and recreation gold.

We hope leaders in both towns will look for ways to make this project a reality.

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