Editorial: Moving forward with new faces

06/27/2014 2:04 PM

06/27/2014 2:06 PM

Several new members will soon join the Knightdale Area Education Workgroup. We hope their fresh perspective will allow the effort to move toward positive, tangible results.

Wake school leaders appointed two new principals in Knightdale schools last week and there remains one additional school awaiting the naming of a new permanent principal.

To this point, the work of the workgroup has largely been philosophic in nature and a lot of time has been spent talking about problems and solutions. The group produced a set of recommendations, written primarily by central office staff. The big takeaway from that is to spend more money training teachers.

Now that may be money well spent, though we generally think the teachers in eastern Wake County are pretty good ones.

Hopefully the group will now focus on getting additional resources for the schools. Teachers need computers, printers and other technology that works. They need sufficient resources to allow for substitutes to take their place when they leave for training, rather than being forced to ask other teachers to cover for them during their planning periods.

They need to establish stronger relationships with the business community so that there are more people invested than just the parents and the teachers and administrators whose paychecks depend in some way on standardized test performance.

Students need access to the same kinds of resources and classes available to students in other schools. With most schools reliant on PTAs and other booster organizations to provide for many of the items school budgets won’t pay for, a system of haves and have-nots is created. Let’s find ways to level that playing field.

Hopefully, new perspectives will see the challenges for what they are and they can call it like they see it, instead of dancing around the problem.

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