Cary meet caps Tarheel Swimming Association season

08/08/2014 1:14 PM

08/08/2014 1:15 PM

A championship meet held July 26-27 at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary served as the final hurrah of the summer for local Tarheel Swimming Association competitors.

The site played host to thousands of swimmers from about 85 Wake County swim teams.

The top 16 swimmers and relay teams in each event earned points for their respective teams.

In individual events, the top finisher earned 20 points, second place earned 17 points and each subsequent place was worth one less point, with the exception of a two-point difference between eighth and ninth place.

The same rule generally applied in relay events, but on a larger scale. First place was worth 40 points, second place earned 34 and the difference in the remaining spots through the top 16 was two points, aside from a four-point difference between eighth and ninth place.

Out of the 55 full-team pack, the Planter’s Walk Piranhas placed 19th, tying the Heritage of Wake Forest Betas with 253 team points. It was a strong showing for the Piranhas, who in the championship meet out-placed most of the teams they had been defeated by in the regular season.

The Zebulon Dolphins finished 44th as a team, getting all of their 52 points from 7-8-year-old girls swimmer Avery Thomas. Competing in fields ranging from 83-149 swimmers, Thomas was first in the breaststroke (20.16), second in the freestyle (15.49) and fourth in butterfly (18.16).

Wendell Waves swimmers did not compete in the event.

Claiming individual points for Planter’s Walk were Liam Givens-Keatley (34 points), Robert McCue (29), Luke Peters (18), Ben Rashleigh (13), Libby Gill (4) and Dylan Bobbitt (3).

Earning relay points, which counted toward team scores, were the following Piranhas medley relay teams: 13-14 boys Liam Givens-Keatley, Ben Rashleigh, Evan Peters and Charlie Woodlief (30 points, 4th place); 15-18 girls Leah Yuhas, Brenna Hardy, Hannah Moore and Kristin Olson (22 points, 8th place); 15-18 boys Robert McCue, Phillip Moghaddam, Dylan Bobbitt and Will Snow (18 points, 10th place); and 11-12 boys Trent Walker II, Dax Hardy, Jackson Beam and Jadon Valles (6 points, 14th place).

And earning points for Planter’s Walk in the freestyle relay were the following quartets: 13-14 boys Charlie Woodlief, Liam Givens-Keatley, Evan Peters and Ben Rashleigh (26 points, 6th place); 15-18 girls Brenna Hardy, Christina Benvenuto, Hannah Moore and Kristin Olson (26 points, 6th place); 18-18 boys Dylan Bobbitt, Robert McCue, Jordan Yuhas and Will Snow (20 points, 8th place); and 11-12 boys Dax Hardy, Jackson Beam, Trent Walker II and Jadon Valles (4 points, 15th place).

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