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July 3, 2014

Planter’s Walk Piranhas find first win

The Knightdale-based swim team held off Black Horse Run for a narrow Triangle Swimming Association victory. The Wendell Waves lost a heartbreaker and the Zebulon Dolphins had their hands full in week three.

Planter’s Walk reverted back to its old ways Tuesday, picking up its first win of the Tarheel Swimming Association summer season.

The Division 6, 86-member Piranhas team (1-2) traveled to Division 7 Black Horse Run (0-3) in Raleigh and eked out a 268.5-241.5 triumph over the 108-member Mustangs crew.

Planter’s Walk swimmers set three records in the Black Horse Run water. They were Isabella Glines in the 6-and-under girls freestyle (19.50); Faith Holleman in the 6-and-under girls breaststroke (18.06); and Luke Peters in the 9-10 boys breaststroke (21.22).

Luke Peters and Libby Gill (backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), and Liam Givens-Keatley and Kristin Olson (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly) were triple winners for the Piranhas.

The Division 10 Wendell Waves (1-2) came out on the bad end of another nail biter in Raleigh on Tuesday, falling 233.5-224.5 to the Division 9 Carlyle & Chatsworth Lakers (2-1).

Triple winners for Wendell were Ben Aston and Alicia Neal (freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly). Jeb Lemmond (backstroke and breaststroke) was a double winner for the Waves.

The Division 10 Zebulon Dolphins (0-3) were outsized and subsequently outmatched, 318.5-122.5, in their home meet against the Division 8 Oak Park Piranhas (2-1). Oak Park has nearly 80 swimmers on its roster this summer, while Zebulon lists 38.

Planter’s Walk travels across the Neuse River in week four action on Tuesday, July 8, to face the Hedingham Sharks, the defending champs out of Division 6 who are off to a 3-0 start this season.

Wendell’s July 8 meet will be at home against the Division 9 Hawthorne Stingrays (1-2) and Zebulon’s will be on the road against the Division 9 Crabtree Swimming Machine (2-1).

Planter’s Walk 268.5,

Black Horse Run 241.5

Medley Relay

First: Jaden Valles, Trent Walker II, Dax Hardy and Jackson Beam; Marie Rashleigh, Caroline Clifford, Lainey Anderson and Libby Gill; Evan Peters, Ben Rashleigh, Liam Givens-Keatley and Cameron Mays; Dylan Bobbitt, Robert McCue, Logan Anderson and Jordan Yuhas; Leah Yuhas, Hannah Moore, Kristin Olson and Brenna Hardy.


First: Isabella Glines, Marie Rashleigh, Liam Givens-Keatley, Kelly McCue, Robert McCue and Kristin Olson.

Second: Cheyenne Allmon, Dax Hardy, Lainey Anderson, Evan Peters, Logan Anderson and Brenna Hardy.

Third: Jakob King, Johnny Fraccola, Takoda Valles, Teagan McNeil and Jadon Valles.


First: Connor Mills, Faith Holleman, Luke Peters, Libby Gill, Dax Hardy, Liam Givens-Keatley, Dylan Bobbitt and Kristin Olson.

Second: Johnny Fraccola, Takoda Valles, Marie Rashleigh, Evan Peters and Leah Yuhas.

Third: Cheyenne Allmon, Jadon Valles and Rachel Levine.


First: Luke Peters, Libby Gill, Lainey Anderson, Evan Peters, Logan Anderson and Hannah Moore.

Second: Connor Mills, Isabella Glines, Campbell McNeil, Trent Walker II, Ben Rashleigh, Robert McCue and Christina Benvenuto.

Third: Faith Holleman, Johnny Monroe, Jadon Valles, Caroline Clifford and Kelly McCue.


First: Luke Peters, Libby Gill, Lainey Anderson, Liam Givens-Keatley, Kelly McCue, Robert McCue and Kristin Olson.

Second: Reagan Eatman, Dax Hardy, Ben Rashleigh, Logan Anderson and Brenna Hardy.

Third: Johnny Fraccola, Marie Rashleigh and Rachel Levine.

Freestyle Relay

First: Ethan Robinson, Dax Hardy, Jadon Valles and Jackson Beam; Libby Gill, Caroline Clifford, Lainey Anderson and Marie Rashleigh; Evan Peters, Cameron Mays, Liam Givens-Keatley and Ben Rashleigh; Dylan Bobbitt, Jordan Yuhas, Logan Anderson and Robert McCue; Christina Benvenuto, Kristin Olson, Brenna Hardy and Amber Ayscue.

Carlyle & Chatsworth 233.5,

Wendell 224.5

Medley Relay

First: Anna Grace Maynor, Addie Lemmond, Kakie Holt and Kate Simpson; Gracie Wright, Victoria Segura, Taylor Stocks and Rachel Brown; Daniel Duttman, AJ Swaim, James Riddle and Howie Bair.


First: Morgan Maynor, Ben Aston, John Riddle, Gracie Wright, Hayden Simpson and Alicia Neal.

Second: Michelle Duffy, Jackson White, Kakie Holt, Caroline Duttman and James Riddle.

Third: Kane Ferrell, Kate Simpson, Rachel Brown, Chip Raynor, AJ Swaim and Nicki Riddle.


First: Jeb Lemmond, Parker Perry, Tucker Jones and Victoria Segura.

Second: Morgan Maynor, Kakie Holt, Hayden Simpson, Julia Waynik, Daniel Duttman and Staci Hunter.

Third: Mattox Bryant, Taylor Stocks, Zoe Hux, Blake Jones and James Riddle.


First: Jeb Lemmond, Michelle Duffy, Ben Aston, Daniel Duttman and Alicia Neal.

Second: Parker Perry, Andrew White, Anna Grace Maynor, John Riddle, Carolina Duttman, Chip Raynor, AJ Swaim and Nicki Riddle.

Third: Benn Zepp, Addie Lemmond, Victoria Segura, Morgan Sherman, Julia Waynik and Woody Raynor.


First: Ben Aston, Anna Grace Maynor, Hayden Simpson and Alicia Neal.

Second: Tucker Jones, Kakie Holt, John Riddle, Gracie Wright, Caroline Duttman and Daniel Duttman.

Third: Julia Waynik, Blake Jones, James Riddle and Nicki Riddle.

Freestyle Relay

First: Tucker Jones, Jackson White, Andrew White and Ben Aston; Addie Lemmond, Kate Simpson, Anna Grace Maynor and Kakie Holt; Rachel Brown, Taylor Stocks, Victoria Segura and Gracie Wright; Daniel Duttman, AJ Swaim, James Riddle and Howie Bair.

Oak Park 318.5,

Zebulon 122.5

Medley Relay

First: Ryan Worley, Alston Willard, Josh Temple and Ian Kerr.


First: Bella Leahy and Ryan Worley.

Second: John Husted, Angelo Husted, Anna Bailey and Josh Temple.

Third: Benny Allmon, Emma Bailey and Caroline Jones.


First: Josh Temple, Anna Bailey and Cash Bridger.

Second: Angelo Husted, Bella Leahy and Ryan Worley.

Third: Dillon Kondylas, Benny Allmon and Maci Perry.


First: Elizabeth Kennemur, Josh Temple and Alston Willard.

Second: Addie Kondylas, Samantha Rodgers, Maci Perry and Caroline Jones.

Third: John Husted and Lillie Grace Shelton.


First: Benny Allmon and Ryan Worley.

Second: Brock Alford and Bella Leahy.

Third: Dillon Kondylas, Emma Bailey, Samantha Rodgers and Caroline Jones.

Freestyle Relay

First: Benny Allmon, John Husted, Brock Alford and Greyson Hirsch; Lillie Grace Shelton, Samantha Rodgers, Caroline Jones and Bella Leahy.

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