Editorial: The old college try

04/04/2014 3:07 PM

04/04/2014 3:08 PM

Every coach and every player who dabbles in college basketball would tell you they’d love to win the national championship.

If that can’t happen, they would at least like to make the Final Four.

That term has become so familiar to people all around the country that it now merits capital letter status. It’s a proper noun.

Garner, for the last few weeks has been in its own championship tournament, vying with other towns across the state in the Hometown Challege.

Garner won’t win the championship, but they did make the Final Four. It’s an achievement worth noting.

Why? Because getting that far in a statewide competition is an indicator of the pride Garnerites have in their hometown.

Whether you’re a native or a transplant, Garner folks have shown their appreciation of this place they call home through their votes.

Granted this vote may not be as important as the one you cast for mayor, governor or even president, but it speaks volumes about the pride we have in our town.

Towns with that much civic pride – until their semi-final matchup with Concord, Garner was regularly the highest vote-getter – have a keen ability to make good decisions about how their own operates, where it spends its money and their vision for the town’s future.

Who knows if the N.C. League of Municipalities will renew their tournament next year, but it has been a fun ride during this year’s tournament and, like their basketball counterparts, Garner residents can take pride in reaching the Final Four.

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