Editorial: Older, but still kicking

06/27/2014 2:10 PM

06/27/2014 2:12 PM

Meals on Wheels in Garner turned 40 years old this month, a true testament to volunteers and their ability to meet a real need.

That the service is valued was evidenced by the strong turnout of volunteers and clients who came to celebrate four decades of service.

Think about that. Four decades. Few for-profit businesses last that long. Non-profits that rely on the kindness of patronage and the community at large have an even steeper hill to climb to last as long as Meals on Wheels has been operating in Garner.

Of course that longevity is also a sign that people need the service.

As lifespans get longer, more people are living longer and the need for services provided to people who can no longer get out of the house and fend for themselves grows right along with them.

There is no evidence to suggest that trend will be changing any time soon, which means the need for the work that Meals on Wheels does will continue.

The beauty of Meals on Wheels is more than just the delivery of food.

Humans are a social species. For those who can’t easily get out and about, there’s a loss of social interaction and that can be devastating.

Meals on Wheels volunteers do more than just knock on the door with a plate full of food. They lend an easy-listening ear. They make friends with the people they serve. It’s often a friendship Meals on Wheels clients crave.

And if you don’t think that is valued by the people who benefit from Meals on Wheels, well, then, you have no heart.

So here’s to 40 more years of meals and friendship delivered by volunteers who want to help their friends and neighbors in Garner. We hope those who can will find ways to be part of their solution-driven effort. More volunteers ensure the program will be able to meet the need well into the future.

If time is your most precious commodity, look for ways to support the program financially. It would be money well-spent.

It’s another reason Garner is a great place to put down some roots.

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