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September 3, 2014

Raleigh City Council member Thomas Crowder says he may have to resign because of illness

City Council member Thomas Crowder said his treatments for cancer have been unsuccessful.

City Councilman Thomas Crowder said Tuesday that he may be unable to finish his term because of failing health.

Crowder has undergone “extensive” medical treatment for testicular cancer that has been unsuccessful, he said during a council meeting.

“We have now exhausted all of my options for a cure,” he said. Crowder announced in the spring of 2013 that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Crowder plans to remain in his position representing the southwestern part of the city as long as his health allows. He said he is not currently receiving medical treatments.

If he must resign, Crowder asked that the council appoint his wife, Kay, to finish his term that ends in 2015.

Crowder, a lifelong Raleigh resident and architect, was first elected to the council in 2003 after two terms on the city’s planning commission.

He called his service “one of my most humbling and rewarding life experiences” during his statement Tuesday.

The council and audience in the chamber gave Crowder a standing ovation after he made his announcement.

Councilman Russ Stephenson called the news a “gut punch.”

Mayor Nancy McFarlane said the council would discuss Kay Crowder’s potential appointment at the Sept. 16 meeting.

City Attorney Tom McCormick said the council can take a vote about whom to appoint before Crowder resigns. The change would take effect once he left his position.

Councilman John Odom on Tuesday asked to give up his turn as mayor pro tem, so that Crowder could fill the position – a motion the council approved unanimously.

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