Our Lady of Lourdes lacrosse event raises awareness for One Love Foundation

03/26/2014 10:13 AM

02/15/2015 10:45 AM

Middle-school lacrosse teams from across the state converged at Cardinal Gibbons Saturday for an annual playday hosted by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.

It was the fourth year the event was held in support of the One Love Foundation, started in memory of University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Reynolds Love, who was beaten to death in 2010. Her ex-boyfriend, Virginia men’s lacrosse player George Huguely V, was convicted of Love’s murder in 2012. A Virginia appeals court affirmed the verdict this month.

“A lot of these playdays that happen throughout the year, there are some that aren't in support of anything. I think it has helped people really enjoy it. They feel like they're making a difference,” Our Lady of Lourdes lacrosse coach Laurie Huger said.

“We're all working with young girls in a formative stage. We don't get too much into the gory details because I have sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls. ... My take is always respecting themselves and if you ever are in a relationship that's a bad situation, to let someone know.”

Huger went to Notre Dame Prep, the same Maryland high school as Love, but says the idea to use the annual playday as a fundraiser for the One Love Foundation was an idea brought to her students. The event has grown each year. Twenty-one teams participated Saturday.

“It's become larger and it's become more of a focal point (of the playday), where in the beginning it was more a thing on the side,” said Samantha Geaslen, a junior lacrosse player at Cardinal Gibbons who was a captain on the Lourdes team when the One Love collaboration began. “We wanted to do charity work and help others and we stumbled upon the One Love Foundation.

“We really liked what they stood for and what they were supporting ... What they stand for is all of the things that we wanted to portray through what we were doing.”

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