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July 15, 2014

Police say three charged in Cary were wide-ranging ID thieves

Three men arrested at a Cary motel had a bag full of stolen identification and credit cards from several communities in the state, Cary police said.

Detectives cannot say if three men arrested with a bag of stolen driver's licenses and credit cards are part of a Florida crime organization known as the Felony Lane Gang or just copycats, but they were apparently involved in thefts across the state, Capt. Don Hamilton said Monday.

When police arrested Jimmy L. Harold, 23, Gregory Greene, 21, and Nathaniel Ursery, 16, at a Motel 6 on Buck Jones Road on Friday afternoon, they had what Hamilton described as “tons of stolen ID’s” with names and addresses from Greensboro, Winston-Salem and other communities, including Cary.

All three men said they were from Fort Lauderdale – Harold and Greene giving street addresses and Ursery having no permanent address.

The Felony Lane Gang originated in Broward County, where Fort Lauderdale is, according to media reports that described its operations in various states in the East.

The gang of men and women who were related or who knew one another got its name from a technique of using bank drive-through lanes farthest from security cameras when cashing stolen, counterfeited checks to get money from other people’s accounts, the reports said.

“We can’t prove a connection to the Felony Lane Gang,” Hamilton said, but the evidence Cary police said they found “follows the trend.”

The men had a plastic storage bag stuffed with identification and credit cards apparently stolen during car break-ins, Hamilton said.

Hamilton declined to give details about how police found the trio, but said a “concerned citizen” had passed information to police about the men in the motel.

“We’re reaching out to other agencies” about the material detectives found, “and we expect to be hearing from them” as police in other communities go through their records of reported thefts.

The FBI said in May that it believed a five-year sentence handed down in federal court in Pennsylvania to 26-year-old Sylvester Joseph of Deerfield, Florida, took the last member of the original gang off the streets.

The group of 10 men and women had roamed the U.S. doing “smash and grabs” from unattended cars, the FBI said.

The technique involves using stolen credit cards and checks quickly, before the victims have found them missing or been able to report the thefts, Hamilton said.

Harold and Greene were being held Monday in lieu of $150,000 bail each, and Ursery was being held on $100,000 bail. All were scheduled for first court appearances.

Cary police had charged each with five counts of possession of stolen property and one count each of identity theft and financial card theft with the intent to steal money from the rightful owners.

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