Draft Line Brewing Co. to open in Fuquay-Varina

06/11/2014 1:10 PM

06/11/2014 1:11 PM

They say opposites attract. And Scott Palmieri and Scott Wood couldn’t be more different.

Palmieri, 38, is an engineer. Wood, 41, is a general contractor.

Palmieri doesn’t have much of an accent, while Wood has a southern twang.

The two Scotts likely wouldn’t have ever crossed paths had it not been for a fateful day about eight years ago. Palmieri was looking for a house in Holly Springs, and Wood was the man for the job. He built the house where the Palmieri family now lives.

Palmieri and Wood became inseparable friends.

As different as the two Scotts may be, they do have one thing in common.

“We just really, really like beer,” Palmieri said.

Their mutual love of brewsky is the passion behind their new joint business venture, Draft Line Brewing Co., set to open in Fuquay-Varina on June 28.

“The craft brew market is growing by leaps and bounds,” Wood said.

The name Draft Line comes from a phrase found in blueprints, a tool used in both men’s careers. It’s also, of course, the name of the pipe from which beer flows.

The brewery can produce up to 930 gallons of beer at a time – a lot for a small microbrewery.

The system, created by Palmieri, can be controlled from a computer screen. He says he can even start the brewing process on his phone. Not that he’d do that, of course, he added with a laugh.

“The automation is unique to a microbrewery. I like to geek things out, I guess,” Palmieri said. “It makes our lives a lot easier.”

By “our,” he means family and friends, who all lend a helping hand at Draft Line. Palmieri’s wife Tammy and Wood’s wife Vivian have just as much a say in business matters as their husbands.

“It’s very much hands on,” Vivian Wood said. Laughing, she added, “No, so far it hasn’t been an issue for us all to work together, surprisingly.”

Breweries have gained popularity in the Triangle. Draft Line will be the second brewery in Fuquay-Varina, a town of about 20,000. Aviator Brewing Co. is already in operation.

The owners of Draft Line say they’re not too worried about competing with other businesses.

“It’s more of a community than competition,” Palmieri said.

The owners plan to offer six beers on tap to start: pale ale, porter, Scottish ale, IPA, wheat and Pilsner.

“We wanted to be well-rounded,” Scott Palmieri said.

The Scotts will also have what they call “one ups” where they produce a beer on a small scale to test customers’ reactions. If the general consensus is positive, they’ll consider permanently putting the draft on tap.

“We’re still learning the ropes,” Scott Wood said.

The layout of Draft Line won’t be revealed to customers until the grand opening. Until then, customers can expect a backdrop of beer brewing in the “silver ladies,” as Scott Palmieri refers to the giant metal vats.

The owners say it’s important for beer fans to see the process of how their drafts are brewed.

“They enjoy not only the beer, but the history behind the beer,” Scott Palmieri said.

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